Came camu cream

Camu Camu Myrciaria dubia
Camu camu is a bushy tree with edible fruits native to the Amazonian rain forest in Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela and Peru. The leaves and fruit are used for medicinal purposes. The berry is used in cosmetics. The berry color is reddish and light orange and similar to the size of a lemon. The berry has several types of flavonoids and therefore highly antioxidant. It is one of the fruits highest in vitamin C. Vitamin C is crucial to collagen production, slows the aging process of the skin, protects the skin and helps to firm and brighten the skin

Camu camu is one of my favorite ingredients to use in facial skin care products. I have received feedback about the noticeably differences from testers using my facial cream with camu camu in it. The feedback is their skin is clearer, brighter, moisturized and softer after using the camu camu cream.

Camu camu is a superb ingredient to use in formulations for slowing the process of skin aging, protecting the skin and brightening the skin. I like using camu camu in facial serums and moisturizers.

Camu camu cream formulation is available in the Pro Natural Skin Care Course here.