Formulating Shampoo Bars


There are many options for formulating shampoo bars. The backbone of the formulation are solid surfactants and choosing the ones

Formulating Shampoo Bars2020-09-10T07:27:00-07:00

Horsetail for Hair Strength


Horsetail Equisetum arvense is an ancient plant and has been used for medicinal purposes by Native Americans. Horsetail is exceptional for

Horsetail for Hair Strength2020-09-04T22:45:27-07:00

Bamboo: Plant-Based Silicone


Bamboo You can find Plant-based Silicone in Bamboo, Bambusa vulgaris. Bamboo is a primitive grass and in the grass family. It

Bamboo: Plant-Based Silicone2020-02-13T08:12:36-08:00

Baobab Beard Oil


Beard Oil formulated with Baobab Oil About Baobab Baobab oil comes from trees grown in Africa and Australia. These trees

Baobab Beard Oil2020-02-13T08:23:46-08:00

Natural Hair Serum


What is Hair Serum? Hair serum is concentrated and nutrient rich formulation. It coats the hair to protect from heat

Natural Hair Serum2020-02-06T14:58:17-08:00
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