Plant-Based Piñon Pine Salve
Joan’s Plant-Based Piñon Pine Salve

I was inspired to make a plant-based Piñon Pine Salve after my trip to Sedona, Arizona. Read about my spiritual trip and about the special Piñon Pine Tree here.

Piñon Pine Salve

Piñon Pine salve is used to soothe and speed healing of minor cuts, scrapes and burns. I was unable to find a plant-based salve so I made one. Basically, Piñon Pine salve contains the sap, also called resin or pitch, plant oils and wax. Most Piñon Pine salves and the recipes use beeswax. I wanted to create a plant-based Piñon Pine salve using plant wax. When I make medicinal salves, I like to place the medicinal ingredients on a bed of crystals and infuse the energy from the crystals. A double boiler system should be used to melt the sap and the wax with the oils.

Benefits of Piñon Salve

  • Minor cuts and scrapes
  • Scratches
  • Splinters
  • Insect bites
  • Dry or cracking skin
  • Minor burn
  • Sunburn
  • Wind burn

How To Make Piñon Pine Salve eBook

If you are interested in learning how to make plant-based Pinon Pine Salve, my recipe is included in my mini eBook, How To Make Pinon Pine Salve. Email us if you are interested in this eBook.