Plant Stem Cells in Skin Care Products

Human and animal stem cells are the building blocks for cellular repair and regeneration in the person’s or animal’s body. Plant stem cells are also building blocks for repair and regeneration in the plant. Plants are some of the oldest organisms on earth. Plant stem cells used in skin care products help to stimulate collagen and improve skin elasticity.

Plant stem cells are found in the tissue of plants in the undifferentiated cells where growth occurs. These cells assist to keep the plant growing. These cells are able to continually divide. They are self-renewing, regenerative and are the place where the plant’s vitality begins. Plant stem cells do not go through an aging process and they have the ability to grow into the plants tissues, organs and cells.

Since plants are stationary and cannot move, they must protect themselves from environmental strains. The plant preserves its life in its stem cells.

I use perilla (Perilla frutescents) plant stem cell in a Men’s cream formulation, this formulation is excellent for male or female. Perilla is also known as Chinese basil and has been used since ancient times. This herb is in the mint family. Perilla is a strong antioxidant and helps to soothe the skin. Perilla stem cell assists to delay aging and promote regeneration.

joan morais Joan Morais is a natural cosmetic formulator, instructor, author and the owner of Joan Morais Naturals. Joan assists product makers on how to make high quality, stable and effective natural body, hair and skin care products for personal use and a product making business.