Foodie Friday- Veggie Sushi

veggie sushi

Happy Friday! Sushi is so much fun to make and a delicious snack or meal. Great healthy party dish and vegan option.

I used-
Wide Square dried seaweed (called sushi seaweed or nori) like shown in the video. The bamboo rolling piece was next to the seaweed and only 99 cents.
1 1/2 cups short grain rice
Rinse the rice several times to remove some of the starch, add it to the pot with water and cook for 20 minutes.
After the rice is cooked, I added 1/8 cup rice vinegar with a dash of sea salt in it. I don’t think you need sushi vinegar and rice vinegar works fine.
I did long and thin slices of cucumber, avocado, carrots and scallions. (you can also do cucumber and carrots or add mango too and delete scallions)
I recommend starting with rolling the nori on the outside, it is easier to learn. Once you get the hang of rolling, try it with the rice on the outside. Search YouTube for how to roll sushi.
Wet all of your fingers to spread the rice on the nori. Add the veggies to the center. Roll the sushi.
To cut: wet a knife to cut the rolls.
The dipping sauce I like instead of soy sauce is Ponzu sauce (tamari, lemon, sea salt).

Enjoy and have fun!

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