Hair Tea Rinse


A hair tea rinse is excellent in providing shine and brightens the hair. Pick a tea that works with your hair color to enhance what you currently have going on. Have fun with it and try different teas to see what works best for your hair!

Blonde Hair

Chamomile tea- brightens blonde hair, anti-inflammatory

Calendula- will gradually lighten hair, anti-bacterial, soothing, adds shine

Brunette Hair

Black tea-  adds shine, darkens hair, reduces shedding

Rosemary- stimulates scalp, promotes growth, adds richness to dark colors, adds shine,  softens

Red Hair

Rooibos-  brightens red hair, adds shine

Any Hair Color

Nettles-  stimulates scalp, treats dandruff, fights hair loss, adds shine


Place 2-3 tea bags (you can also use loose herbs) in 2-3 cups of boiling water.

Steep herbs in boiling water until water has cooled to room temperature.

Wash and condition your hair as normal then apply your tea rinse last. Don’t wash it out.

Allow the rinse to sit on your hair for a bit, its up to you however long you would like to leave the rinse on, it can be 5-30 minutes or I like to apply the rinse and then dry my hair. I don’t rinse it out.

Voilà, beautiful shiny hair!

Have you tried hair teas? If so, what have you used and what has worked for you?


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  • I am addicted to my nettle/chamomile tea rinse. It leaves my hair so bright and shiny! I was just wondering if you need to rinse it out, or if it can be a final rinse at the very end of the shower. Is there any harm in leaving it in until the next wash?

    • Nettles and chamomile sound like an excellent combination for a hair tea. The hair tea can be left in the hair. There are many options. Hair tea can also be added to your conditioner as part of the final conditioning and rinse.

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