MASTER AROMATHERAPY CLASS SERIES with Aromatherapist Joan Morais

Essential Oils for Aches and Pain class is filled with information on essential oils best for aches and pain and effective blends. Joan Morais lecture video and videos to make the carriers. You will have access to the classroom filled with information and videos to make the carriers for two months.

Essential Oils for Aches and Pains contains therapeutic essential blends for relief and speedy recovery for aches and pains. Common and minor aches and pains can be helped tremendously with essential oils and topical applications. I have used essential oils on myself and my family for 12 years. These essential oil formulations are effective and helpful for common aches and pains. Essential Oils are powerful and excellent tools to have in the medicine cabinet for relief and faster recovery from aches and pains.


  • Practical and reliable essential oil information aligning with top aromatherapy experts
  • Powerful essential oils for soothing, relieving and speeding up recovery of aches and pains
  • The properties and actions of these essential oils
  • Essential oil safety and guidelines
  • Gentle essential oils for children and usage for children
  • 5 Effective essential oil blends to make for your medicine cabinet
    • Back Pain Relief Blend
    • Joint Pain Relief Blend
    • Muscle Relaxer Blend
    • Sore Neck Soother Blend
    • Nerve Pain Away Blend
  • Amount of essential oils to use in a product
  • Learn 3 methods of application, watch the videos for clear instruction to make these:
    • Topical Balm
    • Topical Oil
    • Bath Soak

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Class Specifics

  • You will have access to the class for 2 months. The downloadable pdf with the essential oil formulas can be saved to your computer.
  • Once the class is purchased there are no refunds or credits.

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