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The Formulators LAB Complete Package


The Formulators Lab.

Produce safe, stable, and sustainable cosmetics

Grow your business and stay on top of your game in the industry.

Formulating LesSons
Expert Guest Videos

Formulating Lessons (Value $1250)

  • Live Conditioner Bar Formulation Class
  • Live Natural Deodorant Formulation Class
  • Formulating with Hair Actives
  • Olfactive Training 101 with Palette Naturals
  • Building a Shampoo Formula
  • Formulations, Procedures and Course Downloads
  • Formulating Scent Blends
  • Conditioning Agents for Hair Formulations
  • Formulating with Hydrosols
  • Silicone Alternatives
  • Overnight Face Mask Class

Expert Guests ($Priceless Bonus)

  • Natural Perfumery with Miriam Vareldzis
  • Green Cosmetic Preservation with Barbara Olioso
  • Lipid Oils with Susan Parker
  • Waterless and Low-Water Formulations with Dennis Abbeduto
  • Essential Oils for Skin and Hair with Marge Clark
  • Sunscreens - Regulatory Update with Dr. Nadim Shaath
  • Product Development with Jill Munson
  • Hair Chemistry and Formulating Hair Care Products with Cassandra Celestin
  • Microbiological Testing for Cosmetics with Megan Rutland
  • Personal Care Business Sustainability Best Practices with Dr. Vida Karamooz and Saied Karamooz
  • Natural Minerals 101 for Cosmetics with Frances Troy
  • Formulating Skin Care Products with Chuck Friedman
  • Natural Textured Hair with Aminah Lawson
  • Hemp CBD in Personal Care Products with Kayla Fioravanti
  • Q+A with Kayla Fioravanti
  • Green Chemistry and Natural Glycols with Damien Perriman
  • Clean Beauty with Gay Timmons
  • Q+A with Gay Timmons


  • LAB Notebook
  • Cosmetic Formula
  • Product Development
  • Celsius to Fahrenheit Conversion Chart
  • Shampoo Development
  • Emulsion Development

Resource Library

  • The formulators ingredient glossary
  • Recommended Equipment + Supplies

The Formulators LAB Package



  • All 10 formulating lessons, valued at $1250
  • Expert Guest lessons & Q+A on topics about green formulations, formulating techniques and more!
  • Formulating worksheets
  • Resource library & ingredient glossary


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