The Formulators Lab
The Formulators Lab

Take Formulating Cosmetics to the Next Level

The Formulators Lab is an online learning platform for modern formulators to advance their skills in cosmetic formulation. We provide continuous expert education on formulating and making stable, safe and effective natural hair and skin care products.

What’s Included in The Formulators Lab?

Every month you can expect the following to happen in The Formulators Lab.

  • Formulation Classes

    • Training. Each class has been designed to improve and advance formulating skills in anhydrous, suspension and emulsion formulations. The class is focused on one formulation with in-depth training on the why and how it was formulated using the best procedure, the properties, function, chemistry and interaction of ingredients. With new classes launching monthly, you will quickly learn new successful formulations and procedures.
  • Expert Lessons

    • Knowledge.

Each month we host an expert in the cosmetic industry sharing knowledge in their field to help you expand your skills as a formulator. Guests include cosmetic formulators, cosmetic chemists, manufacturing labs, cosmetic agencies, raw material suppliers, packaging suppliers, brand owners, herbalists, aromatherapists, salon owners, hair stylists and estheticians. The webinar is recorded and made available in our archives for you to listen to at your convenience. 

  • Live Q+A

    • Get Answers.

Join us and our experts for the Live Q+A. This provides you an opportunity to ask your questions and have them answered. The Live Q+A is recorded and also made available in our archives.

  • Resource Library

    • Exclusive Access. 

You will receive access to The Formulators Ingredient Glossary, (the first of its kind), complete with the latest natural ingredients. The Formulators Ingredient Glossary is a growing resource to quickly locate and identify ingredients. Ingredients are categorized and identified by approving private standards, bio based and biodegradable. Ingredients in the glossary are cruelty-free (not tested on animals) and vegan (contains no animal ingredients).

  • Worksheets

    • Materials. 

Here you’ll find downloads to save and print to help you with your cosmetic formulating including Customized Formulator Worksheets and Product Development Worksheets.

  • Community Forum

    • Connection. 

The Private Community Forum is a place to connect and communicate with like-minded, supportive cosmetic formulators and makers. Here you can ask your questions and share with other members.

  • Member Perks

    • Bonus Gift. 

Supplier discounts and special offers.

Expand Your Formulations Today

Continue to expand your knowledge on formulating safe, stable and effective natural hair and skin care products.

  • Clean Beauty

  • Natural

  • Green

  • Sustainable

  • Ethical

  • Plant-Based

  • Cruelty-Free

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