Payment Plan 10 – Professional Natural Hair Care Formulation Course

Earn Your Diploma Certification in Professional Natural Hair Care

$168.00 / month for 10 months

Payment Plan for Pro Natural Hair Care Formulation Course 

This payment plan offers an option for you to pay for the course. A payment will be charged once a month for a total of 10 payments. You will be automatically set up on a monthly payment of $168 per month.

After you process your initial payment of $168, there will be 9 additional payments automatically charged to your credit card once a month. You won’t have to do anything; it will automatically charge you each month.

After all 10 payments are completed and you are paid in full, you will receive full access to the course which includes the course downloadable training manual.

No promotions, coupons, discounts can be applied to this payment plan.


Save $185 by paying in full here.


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Refund/Cancellation Policy
Please review our terms and conditions for the payment plan. There is a non-refundable fee for cancellation of your payment plan.

Terms and Conditions

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