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Barbara Olioso

The Green Chemist Consultancy

Green Cosmetic Preservation

  • Founder of The Green Chemist Consultancy
  • Green Cosmetic Preservation
Dennis Abbeduto

Colonial Chemical, Inc.

Waterless & Low-Water Formulations

  • Waterless Trends
  • Waterles Formulations
  • Low-Water Formulations
Susan Parker

The Lipid Oils Academy

Lipid Oils

  • Author of Power of the Seed
  • Lipid Oils for Skin & Hair Care

Expert Guest Spotlight:


Natural Perfumery

Bonus Expert Guest:

Miriam L. Vareldzis
Palette Naturals

There is also a 2 hour recorded Guided Scent Training with Miriam exploring Olfactive Families, the Language of Perfumery and Natural Materials.

Marge Clark

Nature's Gift

Essential Oils for Skin & Hair

  • Founder and CEO of Nature's Gift
  • Essential Oils for Skin & Hair
  • Essential Oil Safety
  • Differences of types of products (e.g. hydrosols & hydrolats)
Damien Perriman


Green Chemistry & Natural Glycols

  • Learn about sustainable and renewable biotechnology and bio based ingredients for Personal Care 
  • Formulation differences between naturally sourced glycols
  • Green Chemistry 
Gay Timmons

Oh Oh Organic

Clean Beauty

  • Get Clarity on ingredients for your skin and hair care line
  • Learn about claims, being trusted, accountable and credible
  • Get tools and learn about private certifications and government standards
Aminah Lawson

Crie Naturals

Natural Textured Hair

  • Transitioning to Natural Hair
  • Learn about claims, being trusted, accountable and credible
  • Key Products and Ingredients for Natural Textured Hair
Kayla Fioravanti

Ology Essentials

Hemp CBD in Peronal Care Products

  • What is Hemp CBD?
  • Hemp CBD for topical use
  • Formulating with Hemp CBD
Chuck Friedman

Cosmetic Chemist

A conversation with Renowned Cosmetic Chemist

  • Personal Care Product Development Chemist
  • 52 years of experience with Burt's Bees, Revlon, Almay & Estée Lauder
Frances Troy


Natural Minerals 101 for Cosmetics

  • Basic properties and varients of kaolin, perlite, mica and diatomaceous earth
  • Applications of kaolin, perlite, mica and diatomaceous earth
  • Safe of the minerals
Megan Rutland

Microchem Laboratory

Microbiological Testing for Cosmetics

  • Team lead for Cosmetic & Challenge Testing at Microchem Laboratory
  • Laboratory testing procedures such as aerobic plate count, preservative challenge and physical stability testing
Dr. Vida Karamooz & Saied Karamooz

Blue Beautifly

Personal Care Business Sustainability Best Practices

  • Founds of Blue Beautifly - Certified USDA Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten-free, Vegan and B Corp Skincare Company
  • Sustainable skincare company practices
  • Certifications
Cassandra Celestin

The Beauty Chemist

Hair Chemistry & Formulating Hair Care Products

  • Cosmetic Chemist, Trichologist & Cosmotologist
  • Hair biology, physiology, chemistry
  • Formulating hair care products
Jill Munson


Product Development

  • Co-founder of Wildling
  • Over 20 years of experience in new product development
  • Steps on how to create a new product from concept to market launch
Dr. Nadim Shaath

Alpha Research & Development

Sunscreens - Regulatory Update

  • Review sunscreens and their mode of action
  • Permitted UV filters
  • The impact of pending regulations on commerce
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