The Formulators LAB – Annual

Take Your Cosmetic Formulating Skills to the Next Level. 

$99.00 for 1 year


  • Continual Access to 18 Product Formulation Classes
    • Hair Classes
      • Shampoo Bar Class
      • Conditioner Bar Class
      • Hair Mask Pod Class
      • High Gloss Detangler Class
      • Hair Serum – Anti-Frizz Class
      • Hair Growth Serum Class
      • Hair Mousse Class
    • Skin & Body Classes
      • Plant Jelly Balm Class
      • W/O Moisturizer Class
      • Radiant Aging Peptide Serum
      • Facial Cleansing Pods Class
      • CBD Beauty Balm Class
      • Solid Body Moisturizer Class
      • Tinted Lip Oil
      • Night Repair Cream Mask Class
      • Aromatic Body Oil Class
      • Skin Barrier Restore & Protect Oil Class
      • Natural Mineral Deodorant Class
      • Skin Penetration Enhancer Class


  • Access to the 18 LAB Classes (listed above)  for one year
  • Access to Expert Guest recordings on cosmetic industry topics
  • Access to Formulating Worksheets
  • Access to resource library & ingredient glossary


This LAB Access product is billed annually. 


Note: This product is ONLY for those who were original THE FORMULATORS LAB MEMBERS. If you were not a member prior, you cannot have access to this product. 

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