Distillation of Roses & Perfume Tour

I went to The Russian River Rose Company in Healdsburg, CA on the Classic Perfume Harvest Tour with the distillation of roses. I watched freshly picked rose petals being distilled into Rose Water (also known as Rose Hydrosol). Their rose water is divine. Rose water makes an excellent facial toner. It is gentle, non-drying and moisturizing for the skin. It can be used in a formulation for a luxury facial cream.

Pick perfume roses in their garden of over 650 rose varieties.

Learn about the history of perfume and distillation.

Watch the rose petals distilled into rose water in a copper distillation kettle.

Unique beautiful roses and perennials are available for purchase in their nursery. If you are a gardener check out “Jan’s Garden Tool Belt” custom designed and sewn.

Eau de Toilette is sold out for the season. I was fortunate to receive one and the scent is beautiful. In September 2009 they will launch the perfume in a garden party and it will be available for purchase. Sign up for their email list and they will notify you of the date.

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