Facial Oil Moisturizer and Serum

Facial Oil Moisturizer and Serum
A facial oil serum is a very pure skin care product. Facial oil can serve two purposes. It can act as a moisturizer or a serum. When I formulate facial oil I use light and protective oils that do not feel heavy on the skin and the skin absorbs the oils quickly.

There are so many beautiful and nourishing plant oils that promote smooth, supple and radiant skin. The key is to create a synergy amongst the oils to develop the perfect facial oil serum.

Facial Oil Moisturizer
Applying facial oil to damp skin acts as a moisturizer. The water or hydrosol or toner used on the skin before the facial oil is applied moisturizes the skin and the oil locks in the moisture.

Facial Oil Serum

A facial oil serum can be applied and used by itself or under a facial cream. A drop of oil can be applied to the facial skin before applying the facial cream. This oil will add nourishment and protection to the skin.

To learn how to make oil-based skin care products and work with different plant oils take the Professional Natural Skin Care Product Making Course.

joan morais Joan Morais is a natural cosmetic formulator, instructor, author and the owner of Joan Morais Naturals. Joan assists product makers on how to make high quality, stable and effective natural body, hair and skin care products for personal use and a product making business.

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