International Women’s Day Walk on the Golden Gate Bridge

I was fortunate to be a part of the 100th Anniversary of International Women’s Day in San Francisco, California. I am passionate about this day and Women for Women International.

Just over 100 years ago Susan B. Anthony walked the San Francisco streets pushing for women’s right to vote. Women for Women International are the ones behind Join Me On The Bridge.

THANK YOU!!! to Barbara, Melissa, Lori, Ray and Mary and those that bought eBooks to help me raise $510.00 to donate to Women for Women International. While on the Golden Gate Bridge, I wished all of you joy, prosperity, health and freedom. Because of you, women will receive the year long training for job skills and education and it will benefit not only the women but the children and the world.

I walked the Golden Gate Bridge in honor of my mother, all the women before me and the women of today who do not have the freedom I do and are not allowed to do a walk like this.
  Google hosted walks on three bridges; the Golden Gate Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge and a bridge in London. A Big THANK YOU to Google for putting positive attention to this event and helping create a better world.
 Google gave out water, snacks, t-shirts and bandanas.
Great Music
Opening Speaker: Google’s Megan Smith (
 Speaker 1: Judith Registre from Women for Women International

Speaker 2: Jean Quan, Mayor of Oakland

Speaker 3: Astronaut Dr. Yvonne Cagle, from NASA
She said more women should study the sciences.
Speaker 4 Jennifer Siebel Newsom (former SF mayor’s wife)
While walking across the bridge, I met an interesting woman that goes to school in Boston. She is getting her chemistry degree. Recently, my sister asked me what would I go back to school for and I said to study the sciences and become a chemist. When I was younger I never thought I was smart enough and I stayed away from the science classes. I now self study and teach myself chemistry and biology.
Complimentary shuttles from Google.
All the businesses providing lunch and dessert were owned by women.
Dance Show
The end to an amazing day.

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  • Opening speaker: Google's Megan Smith (

    Speaker 1: Judith Registre (Women for Women)

    Speaker 2: Jean Quan, Mayor of Oakland

    Speaker 3: Dr. Yvonne Cagle, NASA

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