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Conditioner Bar Class

Conditioner Bar Class

This class will teach you how to make waterless conditioner bars. Customize the conditioner bar for hair types.  


  • 4 Training Videos
  • Detailed Class Handout with 2 Conditioner Bar Formulas and Procedure
  • Certificate Upon Completion




Conditioner Bar

A moisturizing conditioner that helps to detangle, smooth and improve hair manageability plus add shine. 

Hair Type:

Curly, Straight, Coily, Wavy

Hair Concerns:

Dry, Frizz, Split Ends

Formulation Type:

Solid, Waterless 

Key Benefits:

  • Conditioning + Moisturizing
  • Detangles
  • Softens and Smooths Hair
  • Delivers Shine
  • Uplifting + Soothing Aromatherapy Scent
  • Reduces Plastic Waste

High Performance Ingredients:

  • Coconut Oil - Softens and protects hair
  • Passion Fruit Oil - Light, non-greasy, absorbs quickly, encourages hair growth
  • Plant Silicone Alternative - Improves hair manageability

Scent Description: 

Aromatherapy scent from 100% essential oils. Citrus, herbaceous and floral.


White, Yellow-Green

Ingredient Transparency:

Natural ingredients using green chemistry, cruelty-free, vegan, plant-based, gluten-free. If you would like the ingredient list for this formula, email us. We are happy to provide it to you.

How To Use:

Suggested Usage: Wet the conditioner bar, hold the bar on top of the hair and allow the shower water to come onto the bar and hair, gently glide the bar on the hair from the roots to the ends and repeat. Only a small amount is needed. Rinse hair thoroughly. Store bar in dry area.


There are two formulations, one for fine, oily hair and one for curly, coily, thick hair.

Conditioner bars are sustainable, green, biodegradable and reduce plastic waste by not needing to be in a plastic container. Most plastic containers are not recycled, especially personal care product plastic containers. The recycling centers are very discriminating on the plastic they recycle; the color and the size matters whether it is recycled or not.


Level: Some Experience: basic cosmetic formulation (weighing, upscaling a formula, GMP)
Category: Vegan Cruelty-Free Natural Hair Care (customize for hair type)
Compare to Product on Market: $17 each
Ingredients in Formula: 14
The ingredients are available in small purchase amounts from USA suppliers that ship worldwide. Email us for the list of ingredients or any questions. At completion of purchase, you receive immediate access to the class, formula, procedure, and detailed information, therefore there are no refunds.
Equipment: Small Batch Production, scale, thermometer, heating element, spatula, stainless steel bowls, mixing tool
Training Certificate: Upon Completion of Class
Class Access: 1 year



  1. Conditioner Bar Class Handout with Formula and Procedure 
  2. Conditioner Bar Restoring Formula and Procedure


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