Quick Method for Heat-Infused Lavender Oil

quick method to infuse lavender in oil

Quick Method for Heat-Infused Lavender Oil

This infused lavender oil is a beautiful oil scented naturally with lavender. It can be used for a body oil, face oil, bath oil, and in formulations as part of the oil. Use it in your formulation for lotion, cream, body butter, hair conditioner, hair oil, and hair serum.

Uses For Lavender Infused Oil 

  • Body Oil: apply infused lavender oil to your moist skin after a shower or bath and massage into your skin.
  • Face Oil: apply a few drops infused lavender oil to your moist skin and gently massage into your skin with upwards strokes.
  • Bath Oil: add 2-3 teaspoons of infused lavender oil to the bath water to moisturize the skin, help relieve stress, bring a sense of calmness, and restore you into balance and harmony.


Lavender calms, soothes and relaxes muscles and at the same time is uplifting. Lavender is anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and antiseptic. The properties of lavender oil are absorbed into the skin and moisturize, soften, soothe, balance, and protect the skin. There are hundreds of varieties of lavender. Download the free eBook to learn more on lavender.


Lavender: Varieties to Grow and Use in Skin Care Products Joan Morais
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Make Heat-Infused Lavender Oil

You Will Need:

  • Fresh or Dried Lavender Flowers
  • Almond Oil, Sunflower Oil, Olive Oil, or Jojoba Oil
  • Glass Jar with lid (clean and sanitized using alcohol or 70% isopropyl alcohol)
  • Clean and sanitized scissors

Directions Using Fresh or Dried Lavender 

1. Add water to crockpot or water bath.
2. Fill a clean glass jar with lavender about 2/3 full.
3. Cover the lavender with plant oil and make sure all lavender is covered with oil.
4. Place the jar uncovered into crockpot or water bath making sure water never gets into the oil. Temperature of water in crockpot or water bath should be from 100F/38C to 105F/41C. It’s important to keep the temperature in this range. A high temperature will degrade the oil. Don’t go over 110F/43C. Infuse for about 24 hours. Check on the water temperature and stir the oil throughout this process.
5. Remove the glass jar from the water bath, wipe it completely dry. Make sure no water enters the oil. Strain the lavender out of the oil. Place cheesecloth, coffee filter, paper oil filter, or a piece of muslin in a funnel over a clean jar and strain the oil into the glass jar. Dispose of the spent lavender.
6. Cap bottle when oil is at room temperature. Label and date it. You now have a beautiful oil with a beautiful lavender scent.
Note: If you are making a large batch of infused lavender oil, you can add it directly to the crock pot if the crock pot has low heat setting. Check and monitor the oil temperature and make sure it doesn’t get too hot.
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Learn to Make the 4 Week Macerated Method for Infused Lavender Oil Here

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