All About Hair Mousse

Make Plant Silicone Hair Mousse

Hair Mousse

Do you want to learn all about hair mousse? Have you ever used it to style your hair? While some are familiar with this styling hair product, many are not. We cover all about hair mousse; when and how to use. It can be used for many hair benefits such as styling, protecting, defining, add shine and much more.

What is Hair Mousse

This is a foam hair styling product that used by many. You can use to apply to your damp hair provide hair protection, styling hold, hair stiffening, or hair volume. It can make your hair softer and look shinier. It can also tame frizz or flyways.

Hair Benefits

1. Protecting- Adds a protective layer to your hair. It can protect against styling tools, heat, humidity, or the environment.

2. Add Volume- Increase the appearance of your hair for more body.

3. Hair Defining- Can define curls or the texture and shape of your hair.

6. Shine- Add shine and luster to your hair.

7. Provide a Style- Use to stiffen, hold, tame frizz or flyways.

How To Use

It is best to apply to damp hair after washing.

  1. Gather small sections of your damp hair.
  2. Pump a small amount of product in your hand.
  3. Apply and work the mousse through your hair with your fingers.
  4. Spread the mousse evenly through the hair.
  5. Finish by taking a wide-tooth comb though your hair.
  6. Blow dry your hair.
  7. Style it!


Hair mousse will typically contain silicones. The traditional one will usually contain Dimethicone, a synthetic silicone. Many are looking for silicone alternatives in hair care products. Joan Morais formulated a hair mousse with a plant silicone alternative.

Make Professional Hair Mousse

In this class you will learn how to make hair mousse for volume and lift, add shine, and define natural curls. You will also learn a simple adjustment to customize this formula to create hold.


  • 4 Training Videos
  • Certificate Upon Completion
  • Detailed Class Handout with Formula and Procedure

A lightweight water-based fluffy, flake-free, non-sticky volumizing foam that dries quickly. This mousse is formulated to give hair a boost in volume for instant fuller looking hair, add shine and enhance natural curls. It enhances many hair styles, and wash-and-go styles.


  • Volumizing
  • More Body
  • Adds Shine 
  • Promotes Stronger Hair
  • Defines Natural Curls
  • Fast Drying
  • Non-Greasy
  • Non-Tacky
  • Flake Free
  • Minimal Build-Up


  • Plant Protein – Natural and sustainable, shown in a clinical study to increase hair volume, add shine and hydrate hair
  • Plant Polysaccharide – Provides long lasting hydration
  • Plant Silicone Alternative – Conditioning agent with a light protective film 

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