How To Make Candles with Essential Oils

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Learning how to make candles with essential oils is an art and a science. Creating a scent one needs creativity for scent combinations and an understanding, testing and study of how the essential oil scent changes when the candle is burning. Here are some tips to make candles with essential oils. I have experimented a lot with plant waxes, wicks and essential oils for candles.

Become a Cosmetic Formulator: 5 Key Steps

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This post corresponds with Joan Morais' LIVE presentation. First download the free helpful sheets; 5 Key Steps to become a Cosmetic Formulator, Lab Notebook and Cosmetic Formula Worksheet Template. Next, watch Joan Morais presentation on the video below. Download this Presentation Handout Here: 5 STEPS TO BECOME A COSMETIC FORMULATOR Download Make Your Own - LABORATORY NOTEBOOK Template (you can customize it to your needs)

Sea Salt Hair Mist Recipe

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In the previous posts here and here I talked about salt in cosmetic formulations. Here is a simple and easy sea salt hair mist you can make for your self. A sea salt hair mist or spray is a styling mist to give the look of sea tousled, shiny and slightly wavy beach hair. This mist can be used on wavy, straight, curly and coily

Salt in Cosmetic Formulation

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In a previous post here I talked about different salts. Salt is a powerful ingredient and can soften and smooth the skin and hair and add vibrancy. I’m sharing ways to use salt for your personal use and how to formulate with salt and use in your cosmetic formulation. Epsom Salt First, I want to share the incredible power of Epsom salt and the effect

Formulating with Salts in Cosmetics

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Formulating with salts in cosmetics can produce superior results and set the formulation apart from others. Salts used in cosmetic formulations can thicken shampoo, give volume to hair, add shine to hair, cleanse the skin, brighten the skin, soothe the skin and help skin conditions. First a formulator must get to know the salt properties and functions before incorporating it into a formula. Second is

Laboratory Notebook – Lab Notebook

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Record keeping is one of the most important tasks a cosmetic formulator performs because it helps to protect their intellectual property and produces successful formulations. The records need to be precise, accurate, detailed and understandable. It’s very important to record your systems of developing and making cosmetic formulations. Lab notebooks are used to document everything done in the lab. A lab notebook is very important for

Surfactants in Natural Shampoo Part 2

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How to Formulate and Make Natural Shampoo Part 2: Surfactants in Natural Shampoo Part 1 Types of Shampoo Part 2 Surfactants for Natural Shampoo Part 3 Formulating and Making Natural Shampoo How to Formulate and Make Natural Shampoo Part 1 (read here) covered Types of Shampoo. Part 2 covers Surfactants for Natural Shampoo.

How to Formulate and Make Natural Shampoo: Part 1

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This series is on how to formulate and make natural shampoo. This is part 1 of 3. To formulate and make a natural shampoo requires knowledge of the types of shampoos on the market, understanding the chemistry of surfactants and their purpose and other ingredients to develop a natural shampoo that cleanses the hair but also does not strip the hair. Part 1 Types of

Hygge Beauty Rituals: Crystal and Aromatherapy Bath

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Part 4 Hygge Beauty Rituals: Soothing Aromatherapy Bath The beauty ritual in Part 1 an herbal facial steam, Part 2 an aromatherapy foot bath, Part 3 massage softening hand and foot salve. This hygge beauty ritual is a crystal and aromatherapy bath. Healing treatments with water are called hydrotherapy. You can do a simple hydrotherapy treatment at home if you have a bath tub. If you don’t

Hygge Beauty Rituals: Aromatherapy Foot Bath

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Part 2: Hygge Beauty Rituals: Aromatherapy Foot Bath  Hygge Beauty Rituals Part 1 shares about the feeling of coziness and comfort, Hygge.An aromatherapy foot bath affects our entire body and imparts a feeling of comfort, wellness, relaxation and revitalization. OUR FEETOur feet are one of the most neglected areas of our body. We take them for granted. Our feet hold us up, balance our bodies

Hygge Beauty Rituals: Herbal Facial Steam

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Part 1: Hygge Beauty Rituals: Herbal Facial Steam  What is Hygge? Hygge (pronounced hue-ugh) is used by the Danish to describe a feeling, a feeling of coziness, of being present and enjoying the moment. It’s creating simple moments during these dark cold months to bring a cozy feeling and sense of sanctuary in our home. It’s not about buying more things, instead to take the time

Essential Oils for Cleaning the Air

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Essential oils are very efficient for cleaning the air. Essential oils are effective at cleaning and purifying the air in our home. One of the main purifiers of air are trees, essential oils from trees such as eucalyptus, fir, pine and spruce are superior at cleaning the air and assisting us to breathe easier. Citrus essential oils cleanse, freshen and send an uplifting aroma into

Dragon’s Blood Beauty Balm by Plant-Based Formulator Joan Morais

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I developed this "Dragon’s Blood Beauty Balm ~ Awaken The Female Dragon", first from the inspiration from the magical Dragon Blood Tree and second because of the traditional medicinal and skin care uses. I immediately fell under the spell of this mystic tree when I discovered the dragon's blood tree on an island of the Azores Islands. I saw the dragon tree for the first

How I Cured My Psoriasis By Joan Morais

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Anyone who has suffered from a skin ailment, psoriasis, eczema or dermatitis understands how it affects our daily life and can consume our day. Here is my story on how I cured my psoriasis. Living with Psoriasis I lived with psoriasis for over four years. My dad had psoriasis. His dad, my grandfather, also had psoriasis. Every day my psoriasis worsened and spread. The unsightly

Skin Conditions | Psoriasis and Eczema

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Psoriasis and Eczema are two common skin conditions that affect many people, including children. Both skin conditions can have similar symptoms and are commonly confused for one another. Read on to learn about psoriasis and eczema. Psoriasis Psoriasis is when skin cells build up and will form red, patchy scales. It is considered a chronic disease that comes and goes with no cure*. There are

End of Summer Hair Tips | Hibiscus & Herbal Hair Rinse Recipe

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Summer can wreak havoc on our hair between swimming in chlorinated water to more exposure to the sun's rays. Luckily there are some easy ways we can take extra care of our hair to keep our locks healthy and vibrant and repair any damage that may have already been done. Read on for some end of summer hair tips and a recipe for a hair

Hair Masks | Soft & Silky Hair Mask Recipe

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Hair masks adds nourishment and deep conditioning to the hair and helps to repair damaged hair, add manageability and promote smooth and shiny hair. Read on to learn more about how to use a hair mask and for our Soft & Silky Hair Mask recipe. Masks can be emulsions, clay masks, herbal masks or fresh masks. Masks are left on the hair for a few

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