Do you know what’s in your cosmetics? I am very picky with my care products.

Do you know what's in your cosmetics? I am very picky with my care products.

I am a minimalist when it comes to skin and hair care products. It may surprise you. I am very picky with my care products. Did you know some of the ingredients in cosmetics are cow skin, cow hooves, pig oil and cow intestines that have traces of mad cow disease and are still allowed in cosmetics? (Go to our Facebook page to read the facts on this) This is one reason why all of my formulas in the Professional Natural Skin Care Product Making Course are plant-based and contain no animal products. I want the most nourishing and least processed products made with loving care and exceptional ingredients from nature, flowers, herbs, fruits and sea plants that are beneficial to the skin and the processing of the ingredients is eco-friendly to the earth. I make most of my skin care products and have done so for 16 years. I’ll try new ones on the market but usually end up giving them away. The only products I purchase are color cosmetics. I have not ventured into making color cosmetics. I use foundation, bronzer, mascara, eyebrow liner, eye shadow, lip color made and colored with fruits and minerals.

I make all my skin care products. I make my facial moisturizer or cream, grain exfoliator, toner, moisturizing soap and serum. I use my handmade moisturizing soap to cleanse my face. I don’t use waterproof makeup so my makeup comes off easily. I don’t always have a serum but when I make one it is a pleasure to apply this luxurious silky product. I lightly massage the serum onto my skin after my shower or bath in the evening. My favorite product is a facial moisturizer or cream. I love to customize and lightly scent these with exquisite essential oils and hydrosols of rose otto, neroli, cape chamomile, blue lotus and rose geranium. I use flower and fruit extracts of gardenia, calendula, bilberry, pink lotus, hibiscus and wild orchid. Every ingredient in my formulations have nurturing and beneficial purposes for the skin and an aromatherapy effect for the holistic well being of the individual’s essence, body and mind.

I make and use the formulations in the Professional Natural Skin Care Product Making Course. In Module 3 alone, there are 18 formulas including the videos showing you how to make moisturizers, lotions, creams and body butters! You can learn to make these for yourself or for a skin care product business. These formulas compare to luxury moisturizers that sell for $90 – $100+. You can make a year supply plus more for less than half the price of one luxury moisturizer. I make a batch to last me a year.

I think we are evolving from cheap crap, tons of cheap products that are quickly thrown into the landfill to re-using and using less but products that are more nurturing and nourishing for ourselves and the earth. This produces a deep sense of contentedness. And this is the sense I receive using my high quality skin care products.

Minimalism is having the best and most for less. To be surrounded with what we love and brings us joy. It’s having exactly what you want and need instead of settling for less because another item is cheaper. Most often we spend more money on lots of cheap thoughtless stuff when we could have bought that one item we really wanted. It’s about feeling deserving, paying attention and being present to what we really want and holding out for it until the time is right. Most times instant gratification just makes us want more and all we’re doing is chasing instant gratification and getting nowhere and the cycle continues.

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