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Professional Natural Hair Care Formulation Course

Become a Hair Formulator

  • 14 Modules / 209 Lessons
  • 170+ Training Videos / 60 Formulations
  • Detailed Class Handouts, Formulas and Procedures
  • Diploma
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Hair Mousse, Hair Growth Serum, Hair Mask Pod, High Gloss Detangler, Hair Serum, Shampoo Bar, Conditioner Bar

Start your high performance
plant-based natural hair care line!



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  • You will receive immediate course access. Start now and get a jump-start on making professional natural hair products.
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  • The next Mentored Semester with seasoned cosmetic formulator Joan Morais begins September 23, 2024 (Occurs only twice a year)
  • Take the course now and gather your questions! Then get your questions answered during the Mentored Semester's 8 Live Zoom Calls with Joan Morais.

Start Your Own Hair Care Line

Natural Hair Care Formulation Course

We train you to become the best hair formulator.   

This Diploma Course Includes

170+ INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS (with Closed captions)

14 Modules/209 LESSONS

Private Community Group

Lifetime Course Access

Brand New!

make Custom products for hair types and goals

Custom Shampoo + Conditioner Build 

Natural Hair Care Formulation

customize with Base formulas that work

  • First, you choose a shampoo, conditioner, leave-in base system with the ingredients available to you.
  • Secondly, customize and build your own shampoo and conditioner based on a hair type.
  • Straight, Wavy, Curly, Coily, Kinky, and Locs.
  • Lastly, complete the build by selecting the function: hydrating, strengthening, volumizing, curl defining, color protecting, deep conditioning, clarifying, etc.

Learn how to formulate for a diversity of hair types

  • Straight Hair: Type 1A, 1B, 1C
  • Wavy Hair: Type 2A, 2B, 2C
  • Curly Hair: Type 3A, 3B, 3C
  • Coily Hair:  4A, 4B, 4C
  • Locs 
  • Baby 

Our standards: high-quality, organic and natural ingredients

Using sustainable flora, land and sea plants, herbs, flowers, minerals and vitamins that beautify, nourish and condition the hair. The raw materials are chosen using the 12 principles of green chemistry as a guideline and global natural standards.

The formulations contain no animal products and no animal testing is done. The scent is from essential oils, absolutes, fruits, extracts and natural fragrance that benefit the skin. Our high standards for green and clean beauty are reflected in the raw materials we use.

Discover these ingredients:

  • Natural Alternatives to Silicones (Dimethicone, Cyclomethicone)
  • Natural Alternatives to Polysorbates
  • Plant Keratins
  • Hair Protectants
  • Anti-Humectants
  • Humectants

The formulations you will get

  • 2 Shampoo Base Formulations (customize for hair types 1, 2, 3, or 4)
  • 2 Conditioner Base Formulations (customize for hair types 1, 2, 3, or 4)
  • Plant Keratin Shampoo
  • Plant Keratin Conditioner
  • Volumizing Shampoo
  • Volumizing Conditioner
  • Hair Growth Drops
  • Hydrating Hair Mist
  • Refresher Spray
  • Hydrating Shampoo 
  • Hydrating Conditioner 
  • Clarifying Shampoo
  • Baby Shampoo
  • Leave-In Base Formulation (customize for hair types 1, 2, 3, or 4)
  • Deep Conditioner
  • Curl Cream 
  • Hydrating, Repairing, Strengthening Treatment Mask
  • Sea Moss Mask
  • Hair Styling Butter
  • Smoothing Serum
  • Fortifying Hair + Scalp Serum
  • Royal Crown Hair Rinse Treatment
  • Rice Water Strengthening + Moisturizing Treatment
  • Botanical ACV Hair Rinse Concentrate Treatment
  • Curl Cream - Defining Styling Cream
  • Nourishing Hair Oil
  • Herbal Hair Growth Oil
  • Scalp Soother
  • Beard Oil
  • Edge Control (This formulation is NOT natural, there are not natural ingredients on the market to formulate a traditional edge control naturally. This is in the course after many requests from our students.)
  • Edge Gel
  • Styling Gel 
  • Firm Hold Gel - Loc and Retwist
  • Pomade

Products for women and men

Training in formulating and making:

  • Shampoos
  • Conditioners
  • Co-Wash (Cleansing Cream)
  • Leave-In Conditioner, Hair Cream
  • Gels
  • Pomade
  • Masks
  • Hair Oil
  • Hair Butter
  • Brightening Rinses
  • Hydrating Mists
  • Serums

Men's products

All of the formulations can easily be customized for men’s product, these formulations were developed for men or unisex.

  • Lime & Avocado Butter Pomade
  • Black Castor Oil Scalp Soother
  • Yerba Santa Styling Gel
  • Baobab Beard Oil

We will teach you everything you need to become a formulator

  • Making Stable Naturally Preserved Hair Care Products
  • Formulating: Building a Formula
  • Reverse Formulating
  • Success and Confidence Making Products
  • Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Manufacturing Equipment
  • Product Development
  • Adjusting and Customizing Formulas
  • Creating a Natural Hair Care Line
  • Raw Material Suppliers
  • Pre-Market Testing
  • Product Containers
  • Product Labeling
  • Wholesale/Retail Pricing

Natural, green, clean beauty

We Have High Standards

in the raw materials we use in our formulations

natural hair care formulation course - start your own hair care line
  • Sustainable
  • Biodegradable
  • Renewable
  • Green chemistry
  • Plant-derived, mineral-based, vitamin-based
  • 100% Vegan

This Course Contains 14 Modules


  • Module 1: Hair
    Hair, Hair Heritage, Hair Studies and Professions 
  • Module 2: The Science of Hair
    Hair Physiology, Hair Shape - Hair Pattern, Hair Texture, Hair Typing Systems, Hair Types 1,2,3,4, Straight, Wavy, Curly, Coily, Kinky, and Locs, Hair Density, Hair Porosity, Hair Bonds, Hair Growth and Hair Length, Hair Repair, Scalp Care 
hair types
  • Module 3: Cosmetics
    Definition of a Cosmetic, FDA Homemade Cosmetics, Clean Beauty and Natural, Green Chemistry, Organic Cosmetics, Vegan, Plant-Based, Cruelty-Free, Global Standards Certification, Processes of Cosmetic Ingredients, Natural Hair Care
  • Module 4: Cosmetic Ingredients - Raw Materials
    Antioxidants, Butters, Chelating Agents, Clays and Powders, Conditioning Agents, Emulsion Science, Emulsifiers, Essential Oils, Hair Fixatives, Herbs, Flowers and Fruits, Humectants, Hydrosols, Plant Oils, Preservatives, Refatting Agents, Silicone Alternatives, Solubilizers, Surfactant Science, Surfactants, Thickeners, Polymers, Waxes, Water
raw ingredients - learn how to formulate
  • Module 5: Ingredient Methods
    How to make Aloe Vera Juice 200x, Making a Slurry
how to make a slurry cosmetics method
  • Module 6: Equipment
    Beginner Help Equipment, Setting up a Small Cosmetic Lab, Containers 
Setting up a small cosmetic lab - equipment sources for lab equipment
skin care and hair care lab cosmetic formulator small lab
containers for natural hair care products bottles
  • Module 7: Cosmetic Formulation
    Building the Formula, Making the Formulation, Lab Notebook, Weighing, pH Testing and Adjusting, Formulating Hair Care Products + Tips, Evaluating Hair Care Products, Preserving Cosmetics, Labeling, Pricing Products, Product Development
shampoo pH testing
pH Testing cosmetics
  • Module 8: GMP and Testing 
    GMP and SOPs, Pre-Market Testing, Stability Testing, Microbial Testing  
testing cosmetics stability testing
  • Module 9: Shampoo
    Formulating Shampoo, Calculating Surfactant Active Content, Custom Shampoo Formula Build, Beginner Help Shampoo, Shampoo Base Formulations, Plant Keratin Shampoo, Volumizing Shampoo, Hydrating Shampoo, Clarifying Shampoo, Baby Shampoo, Hair Additives for Shampoo, Scalp Additives
Natural shampoo formula natural conditioner formulation
men's shampoo formula mens shampoo formulation
hydrating shampoo formula natural hair formulation
  • Module 10: Hair Conditioner and Hair Mask
    Formulating Hair Conditioner, Custom Conditioner Build, Conditioner Base Formulation, Plant Keratin Conditioner, Volumizing Conditioner, Hydrating Conditioner, Deep Conditioner, Leave-In Conditioner Base Formulation, Formulating Curl Cream, Curl Cream - Defining Style Cream, Additives for Conditioner, Hair Mask Build, Hydrating, Repairing, Strengthening Treatment Mask, Sea Moss Mask
thick deep hair conditioner natural formula
deep conditioner formulation natural hair care
Sea Moss Mask Formulation - Natural Hair
  • Module 11: Hair Mist, Gel, Serum, Rinse 
    Hydrating Mist Formula Build, Hydrating Mist, Refresher Spray Build, Refresher Spray, Hair Gel, Styling Gel Build, Styling Gel, Firmer Hold Gel - Loc and Retwist, Edge Control (Traditional - not natural), Edge Gel, Hair Serum, Serum Build, Smoothing Serum, Fortifying Hair + Scalp Serum, Royal Crown Hair Rinse Treatment, Rice Water Hair Rinse Strengthening + Moisturizing Treatment, Botanical ACV Hair Rinse Concentrate Treatment
hair mist natural hair product formula
hair styling products natural formulas
edge control formulation traditional formula natural hair
edge control formula traditional edge control formulation natural hair care
  • Module 12: Hair Oil, Beard Oil, Hair Butter, Pomade
    Hair Oil Build, Nourishing Hair Oil, Black Castor Oil Scalp Soother, Hair Growth Drops, Hair Growth Herbal Oil, Beard Oil, Hair Styling Butter, Hair Pomade
hair oil, hair growth drops, beard oil, plant oil for hair formula
hair serum formula hair oil formula hair growth
  • Module 13: Scenting Formulations
    Natural Scent 
men's scent blend formulation essential oils
  • Module 14: Herbs 101 and Herbal Extracts
    Herbs for Hair Care, Herbal Vinegar, Herbal Water/Tea Infusion, Herbal Alcohol Extract, 24 Hour Percolation Method, Herbal Glycerin Extract, Herbal Oil Extract
herbs for hair care best herbs for hair
herbs for hair care best hers for natural hair growth
24 Hour Percolation Method Herbal Extract
  • Diploma Certification
    Upon completing the course requirements; completion of all the modules and lessons and passing the final, the student will receive the distinguished Joan Morais Cosmetics School Diploma. The frameable diploma certificate is complete with your name, signed by Joan Morais and confirms you have completed and met the requirements to pass this intensive course. 

Get more out of your Diploma Course with 8-Weeks Mentored by Joan Morais.

When you enroll in our Professional Hair Care Diploma Course you are automatically included in our 8-week mentored semester.

Diploma Course Purchase Includes:

8-Weeks Mentored Semester with Joan

8-Weeks Mentored Semester

  • Weekly emails sent every Monday with targeted help while we go over each module.
  • Eight (8) LIVE Q+A sessions with Joan Morais to answer all your formulating questions + connect with other students.  
  • Occurs only twice a year, Spring + Fall Semesters. Next Start Date: September 23, 2024
  • Fall 2024 Mentored Schedule 

“This course was exactly what I had been searching for. It was affordable, comprehensive, well written with examples, with live questions and answer sessions. Joan was extremely knowledgeable, very responsive to questions, and explained in a way that beginners like myself could understand. The course material was just what I needed. This has been a great educational investment for me and I wish that I had found this course long ago. The course spoke to all hair types especially drier hair types. I really can not say enough about this course! I will continue my hair care learning journey with Joan. Thank you so much for having the insight to create a course that speaks to us in a way that we can truly learn! You are truly an inspiration.”

Galah Powell, Pro Natural Hair Alumni

What makes US different?

We are the only Online Cosmetic Formulation School that offers:

Natural Hair Care Formulation Course
  1. 1
    Lifetime Course Access
    You always have access and new updates to the course! This course has all the training you need. You can refer to it over and over for answers and to support you as a formulator.           
  2. 2
    Live Group Sessions

    We are the only school that offers 8 Live Group Sessions mentored with long-time Green Cosmetic Formulator Joan Morais, a leading pioneer in the cosmetic industry. Joan started the first online formulation school 16+ years ago.

  3. 3
    The Only 100% Vegan and Plant-Based Formulation School
    We use plant-based, and 100% vegan ingredients in all the course formulations.
  4. 4
    The Only Online Formulation School developed and created in California AND the USA

    We are the only USA online school accredited with an A+ rating. We train you to become a successful formulator, to formulate and make professional, stable, and effective formulations. We assist students all over the world to source ingredients. 

A message from Cosmetic Formulator Joan Morais

“Natural cosmetics are made from raw materials sourced from nature, renewable plant feedstocks, plants, and minerals. The raw materials go through the least amount of processing and processing methods. Using green chemistry and the latest sustainable, energy efficient technology, including, biotechnology and bio-based ingredients. The processing method causes the least impact to humans, animals, and the earth, with no or low carbon footprint. Active nutrients known as nutraceuticals are used; supplements, such as beneficial vitamins for the skin and hair. Natural cosmetics are green, renewable, sustainable clean beauty that promote nourished and radiant skin and hair.”

— Joan Morais

Higher standard of diploma certification

  • 170+ Instructional Videos
  • 60 Formulas 
  • Training downloads of formulas, procedures, and text
  • 14 Modules
  • Private Facebook Community Group
  • Mentorship under Joan Morais
  • Lifetime Course Access

Upon completion of payment, you will receive complete access to the course and the course training downloads. Start studying in advance to get the most out of the mentored and live Q+A sessions with Joan Morais. 

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Cancellation of Payment Plan for Professional Course

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What does the course cover on natural textured hair?

The course covers textured hair types, 3B, 3C, 4A, 4B, 4C, formulations for textured hair and includes formulations for Type 4 kinky-curly textures.

What hair types are covered in this course?

The course covers the diversity of hair types and products for hair types; Fine Hair, Coarse Hair, Textured Hair, Curly, Kinky and Wavy Hair.

How do I receive the diploma?

You must take and complete all the lessons in the course and pass the final. After these requirements are met, you will receive your diploma certificate online. You can print and frame this huge mile-stone and accomplishment.

When I receive access to the course?

You will receive access to the course and course training materials immediately after full payment is made.

Will I be able to start my own hair or skin care line after completion of the course?

Yes, you will learn everything needed to know to make and formulate skin or hair care products. Our students go on to create successful skin and hair care lines.

What is the Self-Study Course and the Mentored Session? What is the difference?

1. The online course: formulas, course material, videos, and manuals are the same. The course can be accessed at any time.

2. You will receive the same Diploma once the course requirements are met (course modules and lessons are completed, course quizzes are completed, and the final exam is passed).

3. The 8-week Mentored Session is once a year. During these 8 weeks, you will receive course emails that will guide you through the course, give instructions, tips, and assignments. It is up to each student to follow the guide or not. You will also be mentored by Joan Morais. This means you will get the opportunity to participate in Live Q+A Sessions through the 8 week session. During the Live Q+A, you can get your questions answered. You can also ask questions inside the course. 

4. If you enroll in the Self-study, you can start the course early. Some students wish to start now versus waiting for the next mentored session. A benefit of starting early will provide more time to prepare questions to get the most out of the Live Q+A Sessions with Joan Morais.

How long is the course?

The Mentored sessions are 8 weeks long. You will receive Lifetime Course Access, a benefit of taking our course so you can complete the course at any time.

What skill level is required? Can I start as a beginner?

Yes, you can start as a beginner with no prior knowledge. The Diploma Certification Courses teach in-depth on how to make and formulate products. Our students range from beginner, intermediate and advanced. Many students want to start a natural hair and skin care line and many students have a line they want to improve the products, add new products or take over the control of the manufacturing.

Will I be able to make safe products for the market?

The course contains information, instructions, and guidance for making safe, stable and effective products for the market including pre-market testing. Implementing GMP and pre-market testing allows you to produce safe, stable and effective products.

Are there set times I need to participate in the Course? Is there a schedule?

Each week, you will receive an email which will guide you through the mentored course. If you want to complete the course in 8 weeks, it is best to go by the course schedule and review the modules on the schedule. Each student has control over when and how they want to take the course. You can work ahead, or take longer to complete. You will have Lifetime Course Access to the course. The 7 Live Q+A Sessions are scheduled and recorded. If you cannot make a Live Q+A Session and have questions, you can send these in through email prior. Joan will address these questions on the call and you can listen to the recording afterwards. A one-on-one consultation with Joan is available to purchase with the course. She offers this option to Pro Course students only. 

I live in another country, how can I find resources and raw materials?

The course provides many resources in other countries. We have students take our courses from all over the world. We select ingredients that are usually easily sourced. You can also research raw material and cosmetic ingredient suppliers in your area and check other countries to see who will ship to you. The course mentor, Joan Morais, will work closely with her students and can provide you with substitutions if needed.

Will I receive course materials?

The course materials includes formulas and procedures that are available as downloads in your course account. 

Will I learn to formulate?

Yes, you will learn to formulate and make natural formulations. The course lessons are in-depth for training in formulating and making natural hair and skin care products.

Do you use preservatives in water-based formulations?

Yes, preservatives are crucial in water-based formulations. A formulation containing water with no preservative is like yogurt, unrefrigerated, and hoping it won’t become contaminated with bacteria, yeast and mold. The yogurt will be unsafe to consume. Formulations are expected to be safe and unadulterated for consumers. The preservatives used in the formulations are approved by Ecocert, COSMOS. We also use natural preservatives from renewable sources such as plants and educate on these preservatives and using these preservatives in formulation.

What ingredients are used in your formulations?

The formulations use high quality raw materials/ ingredients that have been selected carefully that are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. The ingredients include plant-based, green, clean, organic, renewable, bio-based, biodegradable and sustainable. Most of the main ingredients in the formulations can be sourced from many countries with cosmetic ingredient suppliers. We do not have a listing of the ingredients as there are options for the student depending on the country they are sourcing the ingredients.

What equipment do I need?

The Equipment Lesson has 4 Levels:

  • Level 1: Kitchen Equipment — For those starting out and small production
  • Level 2: Lab Equipment — For formulating and small production
  • Level 3: Medium Batch Production — For batch sizes around 42 pounds, 5 gallons. 19 liters
  • Level 4: Manufacturing Lab Equipment — Expensive lab equipment and manufacturing equipment for large batch production

We leave it up to each student to decide on what equipment to purchase and on what scale they want to start making products. Common kitchen equipment can be used or lab equipment. We recommend you learn the material in the course before purchasing equipment. You will learn about many equipment options and resources in the course.

65 reviews for Professional Natural Hair Care Formulation Course

  1. Patricia Germain (verified owner)

    I have just finished taking the hair care formulation courses. I must say it was an amazing experience, i love everything about it. when i signup for the course i did not know what to expect. The course went above and beyond my expectations. Joan Morais is an amazing teacher who have a vast knowledge of hair care formulation and very passionate about her job. I learn so much in this course and i am very excited about my future formulation hair care. I am very grateful to Joan and to have the opportunity to learn from her. Taking her course was a great investment for my future business in hair care formulation.

  2. TaMyesha White

    This was an excellent class I learned so much .I’m so happy I took this course Mrs. Joan is great teacher!

  3. tania

    Joan and the whole team at Joan Morais Cosnetics school have been so kind, knowledgeable, and helpful in the process of learning about personal care product formulation. The set up of the course is wonderfully organized and broken down in such a great way that makes it easy to understand. The guest lectures and live zoom sessions have also been so incredibly beneficial to my learning. What Joan has created has been a gift to anyone who loves cosmetics and wants to build their own brand I am truly touched by her dedication to this company along with the hard work of the rest of the team. You are all such humble, thoughtful, and kind individuals. I have heard Joan mention that it was her life’s dream to start an online cosmetics school and I just want you to know that as a student I can feel that to be so true that this is your life’s work through the love and dedication put into the courses. I can’t say enough good things and for the price you are truly given so much you can feel her love and passion for teaching throughout the courses. I could go on and on it is just incredible. Thank you Joan Morais Cosmetics School!

  4. Justice Rivera (verified owner)

    I loved this course so much! I feel so empowered now with the wealth of knowledge I was able to gain by the information provided by Joan. Simply amazed at how much was shared and honestly learned so much more than I anticipated! Exceeded my expectations and so excited to embark on my formulating journey!

  5. Margaret Brown (verified owner)

    This class was full of information. I believe that experience is the best teacher and it was such an honor to learn from Joan’s first hand account with all the formulations, ingredients and recipes. It’s a great investment knowing that you have lifetime access to the course. Always having a reference point when you need one. Bet on yourself and take the course!

  6. Shelea scott

    This will be my second time taking the haircare formulation course I must say the best. I love how you get lifetime access. I can go back and reference different topics in hair.

  7. Shelea scott

    This will be my second time taking the haircare formulation course I must say the best. I love how you get lifetime access, some courses when you are done you get 90 days ; Joan’s course. I’m able to go back and look at the material to reference off of. I’m starting my haircare business next year, so so excited. I love the fact that the course talks a lot about natural hair. This is number one for sure when learning about formulations!

  8. Tenille Pierre (verified owner)

    For the first time I am at a loss for words. The Professional Formulation Natural Haircare Course really exceeded my expectations. Prior to taking this course, I had zero knowledge and experience and now with the wealth of information that I am privy to, I feel so empowered, driven, confident and motivated.
    The course is well structured, easy to understand and interesting in my honest opinion. I love the fact that Joan always updates the course with new formulations and current information. I really enjoyed the Q&A sessions as well, as it expanded my knowledge even further. Joan goes all out to make sure that you understand and answers all your questions thoroughly (and trust me , I had a lot lol). I love learning :) She is really a dime a dozen. One of the few who truly cares about her students, doesn’t withhold information and is so humble, compassionate and extremely knowledgeable to say the least. I aspire to be like her. I would also like to thank Michelle and the rest of the team. Michelle was very efficient and prompt when responding to emails. I have now signed up for the Professional Formulation Skincare Course and a lot of the lab classes. I always say that you can’t put a price on education. Thank you Joan for putting this course together. I hope to be a good representation of this school ❤️

  9. Zamaris M Flores Soto (verified owner)

    If you want full knowledge about Hair formulations, the Pro Hair Course from Joan Morais School is the best option. She offers everything you need to understand in depth about hair and accordingly to each Hair type; many formulations that you can customize. Joan’s transmits her knowledge easy to understand, she explains step by step all formulations and explanation of each ingredient of them (she provides high quality ingredients and alternatives). Pro Hair Course is an extensive course, complete with many resources. The Zoom-calls video recordings will be available if you are a busy person. (for any question, you can send an email prior to the call and Joan ensures to answer all questions that she receives via email). I took the Pro Skin Course also, and I have to say that I am completely satisfied with both courses. Also, the Specialty Classes (Lab Classes) are amazing for personal use or line of products.

    I will pursue everything about Joan Morais School and/or activities in the future since she is amazing in everything that she does!!!

  10. Rose Dardaine (verified owner)

    It was a pleasure meeting you, Joan, and thank you for the immensurable knowledge that was imparted. The experience gained will be with me a lifetime. Knowing for sure what is in a product that you use is priceless. I have no reservations recommending your courses.

  11. Jaci Malcolm (verified owner)

    So much more knowledge than I thought would be taught, a great run layout of materials – life long cheat sheets!

  12. Lucy Muchiri (verified owner)

    Lucy Muchiri
    I appreciate the knowledge and experience you shared with us. I can now make my own natural products. I can recommend this course to anyone .
    Thank you Joan .

  13. Oyin Onarinde (verified owner)

    This formulation class has really helped me to go from learner to a Pro. I recommend this course a 100% to anyone searching for a natural hair care course

  14. Dedevi Akakpovie (verified owner)

    Am so happy I took this classes, I didn’t believe it at first but all the lives and video end up built a strong confidence in me. Thank you so much Joan . I highly recommend this class

  15. Nancy (verified owner)

    As many others who were newly embarking on the journey of entrepreneurship and was running into a lot of hiccups ;while formulating products for my unisex natural hair care line. I took a leap of faith in purchasing this course I had never heard of Joan’s school but I am so glad that I am now an alumni . This course has been an absolute blessing the information that is provided in the course is priceless it has saved me from so much headache, frustration, endless hours of research and wasted time. I finished the course back in May and have been repeatedly coming back as my main resource of trusted information for everything I need. Joan and her staff goes out their way to assist in anyway they can and are so informative. If you’re looking at the price tag wondering if its worth it , it is! If you believe in your business, your brand or dream look at this as the investment that keeps on giving. You will learn so much and be so happy that you took the course I know I did! Blessings to you and your business I pray we all gain major success and elevation.

  16. Yanick Josey (verified owner)

    I’m so glad I took this course. I love the videos how she thoroughly explains what she’s doing and why. At first I was hesitant to take this online course because I just learn better in the class room but I actually did well with online, I think because of all the lives and videos. My money was well spent. I plan on purchasing a membership with the lab. I’m sure I will become a successful formulator

  17. GALAH POWELL (verified owner)

    This course was exactly what I had been searching for. It was affordable, comprehensive, well written with examples, with live questions and answer sessions. Joan was extremely knowledgeable, very responsive to questions, and explained in a way that beginners like myself could understand. The course material was just what I needed. This has been a great educational investment for me and I wish that I had found this course long ago. The course spoke to all hair types especially drier hair types. I really can not say enough about this course! I will continue my hair care learning journey with Joan. Thank you so much for having the insight to create a course that speaks to us in a way that we can truly learn! You are truly an inspiration.

  18. Alexus Haynie (verified owner)

    I am so grateful that I took the leap of enrolling in Joan’s Natural Hair Formulation course. I looked at various courses but was always drawn back here and I’m happy that I was. Joan’s course is full of valuable information and her tutorials and Q/As really take the course to another level. Joan took the time to answer all of my questions and even took it further with examples to help me better understand. You can truly tell that Joan loves what she does because she & her daughters have created an excellent course! I strongly recommend enrolling in Joan’s cosmetic school you won’t regret it!

  19. Nihal ElMasry (verified owner)

    One of the best course I’ve attended! very informative and detailed, without a missing info left out! Joan is very helpful, and always answering all our questions. She helped me a lot navigate through the ingredients and the formulations developments since I’m from Egypt. I’m so excited to start launching my new line, and I will for sure consider joining the Formulators LAB. cause it’s the best educational investment I’ve made! Thank you Joan very much!

  20. Betina Moreau (verified owner)

    I absolutely loved the class Joan is very thorough in her explanations, i highly recommend this course.

  21. Julie Olistin (verified owner)

    I started making hair care a year ago and wanted to expand my knowledge. I searched online and found this course and I can honestly say that taking this course was a great decision! There were a lot of things that I didn’t know until I took this course. Thank you Joan for creating this course to help artisans like me!

  22. Kadri Tonismann (verified owner)

    I am hairstylist with a dream to make hair products for my salon practice and clients. I am very impressed and inspired by Joan Morais dedication, professionalism and positive outlook. I have not yet tried to make any of the formulation, but certainly I gained a lot of trust, that these formulations are her very best plus she gives good hints on how to experiment and create your own formulas. I believe, Joan Morais has dedicated more then enough of her time and passion to deliver her very best expertise and She truly has become a master formulator of natural hair products. I am looking forward to setting up my home lab and making hair care products for my clients. I am full of gratitude! Great course!

  23. Chana Saintil (verified owner)

    Thank You so my Joan ! I can make any formulation now , I Highly recommend this Course to anyone who want to make they own Vegan hair products. You’re the best????

  24. Clare K (verified owner)

    Thank you Joan. As I mentioned at the beginning, my friend introduced me to your course and this was a blessing. Your course covers ALL the subject matters I was struggling with such as PH measurements knowledge, preservation just to mention a few. I learnt more than I expected when I started. So many formulas to practice with and change to our very own. I’m starting slowly and cannot wait to launch my own business “Afro Natural Curls” after your course. I will definitely recommend this course to my friends and family members.

  25. Lydie Nganga

    i’m so happy that I took this professional natural hair care course. Everything was easy and clear to understand, Joan is a wonderful person, she answered all our questions with a smile on her face. I appreciated you so much and you’re such a true blessing for others. I’ve been a hairstylist for 15 years and finally now I can formulate my own products which will boost my business again. Thank you so much Joan for sharing your knowledge with us, this means a lot to me.

  26. ashjan suliman (verified owner)

    Amazing course very clear and detailed. I can now make my own natural hair products and no need to buy from market ..Joan i love you from my heart you are so kind .

  27. Sipokazi

    I would like to know how much is the course and how long does it take to finish studies. I am Sipokazi in South Africa.Please give amount in South African Rand.Thanks

  28. S. White (verified owner)

    Amazing course very clear and detailed. I would definitely recommend to anyone. Many formulations for kinky hair types plus great video’s.

  29. Angelique Dubois (verified owner)

    Bonjour , j aime beaucoup les classes en ligne de JOAN ..cette personne est vraiment très douée et passionée …
    merci pour votre inteligence ..quelle joie d’avoir apris avec Joan .
    Thank you i really appreciated and enjoyed this Cosmetics school , Joan is a true perfectionist …and Michelle is very fast with email when we need something !
    Angelique Dubois

  30. Marrina Jackson (verified owner)

    This course covers everything you need to start your own business and provides you with the proper knowledge about all hair types. I love that you receive valuable resources, formulations, demo videos, thorough lectures, and testimonials. Not only that, you get lifelong access to it all + additional updated information. Im so glad I found this course and would highly recommend it to anyone wanting gain more knowledge about hair care and formulating. Thank you!

  31. Rose (verified owner)

    This is not the first time to purchase courses or books from Joan Morais. She always makes courses more updated and uses the most cutting edges ingredients. In the Hair Pro Course I really get a lot of information, it’s a rich juicy course, she has always new formulas to add to thrive her students. I knew, through her course, new ingredients and new world of formulations. I’m really fan of all the course content especially certain recipes such as the The detangle one which I didn’t find anyone in natural world use this natural method as they instead use bad synthetic ingredients and the old methods. She always provides us with new methods & new techniques. We can say that she ulters the ordinary ingredients into a new ones through her special methods & techniques. Joan is really very unique.

  32. Jane Paul (verified owner)

    Great and comprehensive course by a professional trainer. Joan does such an amazing job and explains steps clearly. Further, she provides the resources needed to start formulating. Being able to make natural products for my family and friends has been awesome. I highly recommend this course . Thank you Joan!

  33. Charity (verified owner)

    This course gave me confidence in formulating products. Joan is thorough and very detailed. I also like the fact that, even after a few years of being a student, I can still email her team and get a response.

  34. Aminah Lawson

    When I signed up for this course, I was ready to increase my understanding on formulating. Everything I learned with Joan Morais Cosmetics School has given me the confidence to not only formulate but to also function as a product manufacturer. I would definitely recommend this course to other upcoming formulators that need more insight in how to develop products.

  35. Yacine Sene (verified owner)

    I have been making so many mistakes making hair products until I decided to take the course with Joan. I couldn’t believe I can make professional hair products. I have learned a lot with this courses. Now I am making great products that my clients love so much. Thank you for taking my business to the next level.

  36. Iram agha (verified owner)

    A divine experience learning about natural hair care product. Miss morais make it so easy and an enjoyable task. I loved her style of mentoring and teaching . She is very concern about her students and try to help them understanding each and every detail. Five stars for sure . ;)

  37. Tricia K Lewis (verified owner)

    Joan Morais is an amazing instructor. I started my business during the beginning of covid and I just wanted proper training to run a business and to learn more about natural hair care formulations. This is the best decision I have made for myself and brand. She gives you all the tools to make an effective formulation, but she provided you information about tools ,equipments and other amazing essential oils to use to make consistent and effective products. In addition she teaches you good manufacturing practices. I encourage everyone to join her class. I am looking forward to joining her monthly subscription class soon.

  38. Naomi Joseph (verified owner)

    Joan is a thoughtful instructor and very encouraging. The course was valuable. I can say that my money was well spent. Now, I feel confident in my ability to formulate my own hair products. I would highly recommend Joan. You can see that she has a passion for what she does, and she puts a lot of time and effort into this course.

  39. BriAnna Fuller

    I found this course on a whim online and it has been the best decision. Joan knowledge and willingness to help other succeed and thrive in this business is so passionate. I love that no question is too small or simple for her to answer. The information is understandable and and she provides resources to no end. I appreciate the effort and hard work she put into making this course so that I can live in my purpose. Thanks Joan!

  40. CLAUDIA SARACIN (verified owner)

    I took a few courses till now, but Joan is in my heart. She is so kind and caring and she can explain in detail all you need to know.
    I really appreciate her amazing lifetime work and I am so grateful for what I received in this course.
    I recommend any course taught by Joan!

  41. Joelma Lourenço (verified owner)

    Doing this course was an old dream that came true, there is so much value added to this course, the interaction and support made easy through the facebook group, all the information is given with so much kindness, Joan really does it with passion, i could feel it in every module, having lifetime access to the course that is updated regularly is just amazing and shows Joans interest in our continuous growth, i have learned so much already, thank you.

  42. Sonie Hare (verified owner)

    Joan is incredibly knowledgable, kind, and supportive. This course was amazing and has so much value to offer. I couldn’t say enough good things. If you are looking to make your own products or sell them you need this course. 10/10 from the content, support, and creator!

  43. Ocean (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed learning about all of the many topics and modules in this course to the many video demonstrations. It’s very thorough and if you have questions they will be answered. I am so happy I ran across this site simply doing a Google search. The instructor, Joan Morais, is very professional, has a very kind heart, and has the patience of an angel. I started the program not knowing anything about hair ingredients and now I have a much better understanding of the ingredients for making my own. You will be very satisfied with what you learn by the time you take your final exam.

  44. Antonia Silva (verified owner)

    I enjoyed this course, cover Afro hair, this is hard to find!
    1:1 and live sessions very helpful I recommend this course to everyone interested in craft natural hair products. Joan is a lovely person on my 1:1 she was very supportive there are so many formulations on the manual to address different types of hair which is brilliant. Thanks, Joan:)

  45. Valeria Galarza

    This was the course I needed to boost my confidence in making natural hair products. Joan made this journey easy to understand. Her passion is felt in every lesson and it’s been such a joy learning from her. I’m very excited to apply everything I learned. Thank you, Joan!

  46. Aminah Lawson

    I signed up for this course to build on the foundation I have as a formulator. This class truly helped me to understand the building blocks of how to develop and formulate a product. Now when I see a product I have a clearer understanding of the list, and I know how to apply that understanding to my own process. More than anything, because of this course I believe that I have the wisdom and insight to create anything I can think of.

  47. Symonia Montgomery (verified owner)

    I am extremely grateful I found this class. Joan takes you step by step through the process. She doesn’t just give you the material she makes sure you understand the material. In addition she lends her own time to help you achieve your goal as a bonus while only asking in return that you put the information to use. Thank you Joan Morais for helping to extend my product line.

  48. Denise Shattuck (verified owner)

    Joan does an amazing job with explanation of ingredients, how to use them and hundreds of formulations to try. It was more information I could absorb in my first semester, so I will pour through it all again. This is a serious, intense course for someone interested in opening their own skin or hair care line. I highly recommend it!

  49. oluwadamilola monehin (verified owner)

    I appreciate the thoroughness of the videos. Joan makes it simple ( once you know the items i guess) to produce the desired marketable items you want. I wish Joan the very best in life and thank her for sharing her knowledge and experience. God Bless

  50. Salena Lawson (verified owner)

    I took this course after stalking it online for some time and I am so glad that I did – it’s very comprehensive. Joan is an excellent teacher. She knows her stuff and is very interested in her students learning the ins and outs of formulating. She’s mindful that we aren’t all chemists and is able to convey the information in a way that we can all process. I would recommend this class to ANYONE interested in product making for themselves or for a business.

  51. Cory Varona (verified owner)

    If you are serious about making a natural and safe Hair care product, this is the course for you. Joan is an excellent and knowledgeable instructor. I have no background in Science and this course allowed me to understand terms and practices to successfully make hair products. I loved how important safe and natural driven products are for Joan, which made me appreciate the importance of all plant based products. I enjoyed the class very much. Thanks Joan!

  52. Francine Wilson (verified owner)

    This course is exactly what I was looking for. I love how thorough the content is. Joan is very knowledgeable and gives you all of the information needed to succeed in making your own natural hair care products. This course goes beyond formulating products. I love the fact that I can review the materials anytime I want. I highly recommend this course!

  53. Gifty Serbeh-Dunn (verified owner)

    Excellent course! Comprehensive, systematic and delivered perfectly. I would recommend this course anywhere, anytime! I learnt a great deal. I love how Joan takes the mystery out working with natural ingredients.
    Thanks Joan for an excellent job. You have given me much confidence to launch my product line.

  54. eva duarte

    I love the whole experience, the videos, explanation and information. They are quick to respond when you have questions or concerns. The resources and suppliers, references and all the content really

  55. Gashen Humphrey (verified owner)

    Love how specific instructions were given to make various products that will focus on my hair texture and those I want to reach. Will definitely recommend to others!

  56. Mary Kitchings (verified owner)

    I’m really happy that I took this course. It’s so funny because I seen it a few times and didn’t have the money to take it the 1st and 2nd time I seen it. Then I came across it again for a 3rd time and was like I have to take this course. I felt like it was destine for me to take this course so I did. Joan was very helpful to use girls with our questions. I didn’t have many (not that I knew everything) lol but when I did asked a question she was right on time w/answering back. I enjoyed the video’s and the information that was given for the course, ingredients, where to purchase the supplies, and just all the knowledgeable information that was provided. I encourage any and everyone who is looking to have their own natural hair care product to take this course. You won’t go wrong. Also when you get discouraged or feel like you can’t do this just listen to the inspirational stories at the end being an entrepreneur isn’t easy but if you put your faith in God anything is possible. Thanks Joan for everything.

  57. Krystal Crawford (verified owner)

    I couldn’t have thought for a better comprehensive course on haircare making products. I am pleased and cannot wait to get to work.

  58. Abiola Adeniji (verified owner)

    This is an amazing course. #thumbs up

  59. Inas ELMAALAWI (verified owner)

    This course has met my expectations. Joan again teaches the most cutting-edge ingredients in a professional way, using only natural ingredients. what I really love it that she never use a lot of surfactants in one recipe which we can see it in commercial shampoos, she makes it simple & gentle yet effective.
    this is the most course I can really consider it natural, because there are courses that called this for themselves but they use ingredients such as polysorbate, silicones & synthetic ingrdients.
    when you, Joan, called this course Pro Hair Course, you was absolutely right.

  60. GRACE YOON (verified owner)

    I am an Aromatherapist from Australia and first of all I would like to say a big thank you to Joan. Your class was excellent, it was comprehensive and very systematic. I was especially impressed with the worksheets you have made which was very detailed and easy to follow. Thank you once again and I can highly recommend this course to anyone from anywhere.

  61. Selina Gooding

    Absolutely amazing..so much information to digest but Joan makes it look effortless. The videos are easy to follow and with the diverse formulas there is something for everyone. Love the hair butter formula and look forward to sharing my creations with friends and family

  62. Cinda Kavurt (verified owner)

    Amazing information and easy to follow videos. Joan’s passion for what she does is evident in the caring manner in which she teaches and provides timely feedback to students. Anyone wanting to learn skin and hair care product making should start at JoanMorais.com!

  63. Ann Johnson (verified owner)

    Joan is an awesome instructor. She is extremely knowledgable about the craft of making natural products for the body and hair. I would recommend any course taught by Joan to anyone serious about natural product making.

  64. Inas ELMAALAWI (verified owner)

    This is the most comprehensive professional hair course I ever seen. it has a lot of wealthy information,it has the cutting edge natural surfactants on the market, it has a lot of videos. I rally like it. it rally met my expectations.

  65. Tiffany Perez

    Love how there are many formulations for dryer hair types in this course. I have curly dry textured hair and used Joan’s formulations to address my concerns that work amazing. I can now make my own natural hair products and no longer have to buy others from hair supply stores. :)

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