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Happy Spring! The arrival of spring brings us increasingly warmer and brighter days and a promise of summer. Spring is a perfect time to plant new seeds (both figuratively and literally), start new projects, and take action! Spring also brings with it a beautiful natural landscape of flowers. In this blog post we will be exploring flower essences- what are they, how to connect with and utilize the power of flowers in your body, hair, and skin care products, and additional resources for making and purchasing flower essences.

Flower Essences

“Food nourishes the body, but flowers heal the soul. ” -old proverb

Flower essences are made from a flowering plant that are used therapeutically to benefit mood and emotional wellbeing. Flower essences are very safe and can be used by children, elderly and animals. Every flower has a different healing property. Flower essences affect us in very subtle and gentle ways by working on an energetic and vibrational level. The energy of the healing property of the flower that is being used (for example- calmness) is amplified while opposing energy (worry or fear) is lessened. Sometimes flower essences work immediately and other times they may take days or weeks as they slowly work with your energy.

Flower Essences for Body, Hair and Skin

Flower essences are a great addition to add into your body, hair and skin care products. Here are some flowers that are great to use in body, hair and skin care products:

Gardenia Flower is luxurious and all about affluence. Luxury and affluence are the result of focus and appreciation for the fine details in art and living. Use gardenia flower to add life and luxury to most body, hair and skin care products.

Rose Flower embodies love and harmony. Everyone needs more love and rose gives a love boost to you. Use rose for all skin and hair types especially neglected skin and hair.

Violet Flower is a tiny delicate purple flower. Violet is wise and wants to remind us everything is valued on earth regardless of the size. Use for someone that does not realize their worth and think that they are too small and nobody notices them. Use violet for mature skin and hair and baby skin and hair.

Flower Essence Room Spray and Body Mist

A flower essence room spray and body mist is a great way to uplift mood, boost immunity and create balance. A few drops of essential oil can be added for a scent. Flower essence room sprays and body mists are great to use for everyone, including children, elderly and pets!

Flower Essence Room Spray

4 ounces distilled water

28 drops flower essence

Add all ingredients into bottle with a spray mister. Use within one month.

Flower Essence Body Mist

2 ounces distilled water

14 drops flower essence

Add all ingredients into bottle with a spray mister. Use within two weeks.

Flower Essences for Purchase: Bach Flower Essences are very well known and can be found in most natural health/grocery stores.

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