Hair Serum

Hair Serum

Hair Serum

Hair serum is a hair care product with the purpose of coating the hair to eliminate or reduce frizz or dry hair, to add shine and hair manageability. Serums enhance curls and smoothness of hair. It can be applied to the hair before blow drying or heat straightening the hair or onto wet hair to enhance the natural curl and shine and luster to the hair.

First, the hair formulator determines the function for the serum. Next, she researches and carefully chooses the best raw materials to deliver the result intended for the hair. If using plant silicone alternatives, non volatile and volatile emollients are used in the formulation. Then, she builds the formula and chooses the best percentages of each ingredient. Each ingredient should have a synergy in order to produce results.

Serum is a slightly viscous liquid that usually contains silicones, ceramics, and amino acids. It can be developed using all plant oils or plant oils with plant silicone alternatives or all silicone alternatives. This depends on the hair type the serum will be used on. Fine, thin hair can’t tolerate a large percentage of plant oils. It will weigh the hair down and make it limp and oily. Build up on hair can cause hair breakage. Thick, curly, coarse, textured hair can tolerate more oil. A higher percentage of oil can be used. Using only silicone alternatives produces a light serum that delivers emollience and can prevent frizziness from humidity.

Hair Benefits 

1. Hair Styling

Using serum can tame the hair, change the look, and help achieve a hair style or look.

2. Protects Hair

Serum coats the hair and therefore acts as an excellent protector from heat styling, sun damage, pollution, and dirt. Use serum to protect your hair prior to using heat styling tools.

3. Helps Dry and Frizzy Hair

Serum can seal moisture on the hair, making it a good choice if your hair is dry and/or frizzy.

4. Shine and Luster

When a serum is applied to the hair, the layer acts as a reflector of light thus making your hair look shiny and adding luster

5. Hair Manageability

When you apply serum on the hair, it helps with a smooth comb through on wet hair.

Plant Silicone Alternatives

Commercial serum is normally formulated with silicones. More consumers are wanting more natural hair care products using sustainable plant silicones. This has given rise to the silicone-free hair care movement allowing for natural silicone alternatives to come to the market. Learn more in our Diploma Pro Formulation Courses.  You can now formulate natural serums that provides the same results as a silicone made serum by using these natural silicone replacements.

New Hair Serum LAB Class! Green Cosmetic Formulator, Joan Morais, will teach you how to make a natural serum with silicone replacements. This natural and green formula is excellent for textured and curly hair and non-greasy. Learn more here!

Hair Serum Class

Take the Hair Serum- Anti Frizz Class! 


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