My classes for method home cleaning

I taught classes for method at the method home cleaning store on N. Halsted in Chicago. It was my first time to Chicago and I loved the city of Chicago. My daughter, Brittney, flew with me to Chicago to assist with the classes. The method store was set up with all their natural cleaning products in the front of the store and the back of the store was set up for classes.

I taught lip balms, facial spa teas and bath salts. We made natural body products with organic ingredients. Mountain Rose Herbs graciously gifted organic Japanese green tea, organic peppermint leaf and ylang ylang essential oil for the classes.

I formulated the lip balm, facial tea and bath salts to align with the scents in the method products. We made pink grapefruit lip balm, facial spa tea: green tea + aloe and refresh mint, bath salts: sea minerals, french lavender, lemongrass and ylang ylang.

Method is about recycling, renewable and biodegradable. In the classes, I loved how they used glass, cotton towels instead of paper towels and bamboo plates and utensils.

Not only for the classes but for opening my eyes to the finer details which helps me with my business. She has a keen eye for detail, creative and unique ideas for how to display products and how a product should be improved. She is always pointing things out to me that I don’t notice like method’s new label for the WHITE TEA hand soap. She noticed the difference between the old and the new one. She liked the new one with the paper label better and said it draws her to want that hand soap.

To read more about the classes and view photos, Colleen Snell, a Chicago blogger, came to one of my classes and posted on her blog Chicago commuter commentary.

method was started by two men, Eric Ryan and Adam Lowry from an idea they had and a need they filled. Adam and Eric lived in a house with three other guys and their apartment would get so dirty they would clean it with heavy duty cleaning products. The fumes from the cleaning products were so intense, it made them cough. Adam and Eric started looking into the ingredients in these cleaning products and learned most were harmful poisons. Thus method was born.

I am reading their book squeaky green: the method guide to detoxifying your home.

It makes me feel good to see the many great things that people are doing to support the earth and the wellness of all. Even amongst the news of how bad things are, I see the good and the positive direction we are headed in our country. It may have taken some time for people to get on board cleaning up the earth and creating sustainable ways. Millions of people are now on board. When enough minds come together, humans have the spirit and intelligence to reverse and cure the ill effects of the past.

A big thank you to method for this opportunity; learning about method, teaching my classes and meeting all the wonderful people in Chicago.

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