Piñon Pine Salve

I made a plant-based Piñon Pine salve after my recent trip to Sedona and the Grand Canyon. I was so inspired by the Piñon Pine Tree from my visit. I am fascinated and love traditional medicines by indigenous people. I learned about Native American medicinal herbs and how they have been and are still being used for healing.

Indigenous people and traditional medicine both have so much wisdom and healing and something we need to keep learning, practicing, teaching and passing down. To integrate this wisdom into current times and remember nature provides us everything.  

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.
Chief Seattle

My time in Sedona and the Grand Canyon

I discovered the Piñon Pine tree when I recently went exploring at Sedona and the Grand Canyon in Arizona. It turned out to be a spiritual trip for me.

As soon as I arrived in Sedona and stepped out of the car, a Piñon Pine tree was in front of me and captivated me for my entire trip. I was drawn under this tree’s spell and its intoxicating scent. I didn’t know anything about Piñon Pine and yet I had a strong sense it was a medicinal tree and could be used for healing.

When we were in the Grand Canyon, we were in a heavy hail storm for 15 minutes. When the hail stopped, the ground was filled with white and it looked like snow. What was so profound to me was the scent of the Piñon Pine. The hail hitting hard on the needles released the essential oil of the needles. The scent was so fresh, clean and invigorating. All I wanted to do was inhale this pure pine scent.

Therapeutic Piñon Pine Salve

I had a sense to make a therapeutic salve with Piñon Pine. I was so curious to find more about this tree. In Boynton Canyon, Sedona, I saw a Piñon Pine salve. I was amazed at the synchronicity with the strong sense I had about this tree. If we are present then we can hear the whispers and guidance from the ancients in the wind.

Piñon pine sap is a natural antiseptic. Piñon pine salve has properties that promote soothing and healing to the skin. It is used for minor cuts, scrapes, mild sunburns and burns, splinters, insect bites and scratches. It is a general treatment salve for a localized area on the skin.

About the Piñon Pine Tree

Piñon or Pinyon or Pinion trees are considered to be very important and even sacred to some Native American tribes. They can be found in Arizona, New Mexico and Utah and other southwestern parts of the United States. These trees are very water resistant and fight off disease and pests with their sap. Pinyon trees produce seeds, pine nuts, which are a staple to Native American’s diet. Pinyon wood is used to burn and for incense because of it’s unique and sweet smelling aroma.

Read Part 2 and Learn to make Plant-Based Piñon Pine Salve and my plant-based recipe here.

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