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Joan Morais Interviews Benardett on her Natural Body Care Company -Sénica

About Benardett
Senica Natural Body Care Products by Benardett. Sénica’s origins are as deep and as rich as its products, comprising influences from the cultures of two Caribbean islands and the unique charm only found in New Orleans, LA, also known as “The Big Easy.” Coined by Benardett (BEN-AR-DETT), the name “Sénica” (SAY-NEEKA) is a nod to her native Dominica. Learn more about Benardett

How did you become interested in making body care products?
Making body care products was a natural transition for me. I developed eczema in 2001 after moving to the U.S. mainland to study Biochemistry at Syracuse University. I grew up using herbs and oils in St. Croix and decided to embark on my own experiments to create products that relieved my symptoms.

At what point did you want to make it a business?
I decided to start Sénica body care in 2007 after seeing how well the products I formulated worked to soothe my eczema and dermatitis breakouts. I wanted to share the solutions that worked for me with others.

How long have you been in business?
Sénica body care will be 4 years this fall.

Tell us about your product making business.
Sénica body care offers products for bath, body, hair and home. Some of our products include, a Blemish Balm, Senk Shampoo Bar, Senk Conditioner/Hair Lotion, Shea Moisturizers, Soaps, Soy Candles & Hair Accessories. The ingredients found in our wide range of bath, body, hair and home product lines contain proven therapeutic, moisturizing and restorative properties that create and nurture balance. We only use the best nature has to offer, giving you complete satisfaction from head to toe.

What do you love doing in your business?
Formulating products is one of my favorite aspects of running Sénica body care. If I could spend most of my time developing products, I would be the happiest person in the world. It is a tedious task, but, I think the time spent tweaking formulas and creating products that solve problems is well worth it.

Where do you find your inspiration?
Two sources of inspiration for the Sénica body care line are beautiful people and nature. I’ve met so many beautiful people since starting Sénica body care in 2007. Knowing that because of Sénica body care, a woman who lives in the Mojave Desert no longer suffers with dry skin or a farmer in Mississippi can work the soil and still have soft hands makes me happy. Small victories like these make formulating products all the more fun. I love interacting with my customers. It keeps me on my toes and inspires me to be creative.
Nature is another source of inspiration for me. There are so many remedies available to us in nature that provide relief to common ailments. Natural ingredients make up the base of every product in the Sénica body care line. These ingredients are important to creating quality products that actually work.

Joan Morais Comments on Sénica 
I met Benardett several years ago at one of my courses. She and I have kept in touch ever since. I am marveled by Benardett’s continued persistance and hard work in her business. It is persistance that creates successful people and business. Benardett is a success. She has consistently grown her business in a professional and friendly manner. I have watched her expand her website, add new products to her line, brand the company and bring awareness to her local community giving back to New Orleans by sharing proceeds with those in need. Benardett’s products are unique, fantastic and wonderful for the body. I love all of her custom scents especially Bay Bay, Koko Kwèm and Lanbéli. Her cold process soap is creamy and moisturizing, the body butter is rich and nourishing, the sugar scrub is a nice gentle exfoliator and her soy candles are beautiful. Try her products, you won’t be disappointed and you will be supporting small business!

Sénica Website

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