Types of Face Serums

Skin Serum, gel type.
Skin Serum, gel type.

What Are Face Serums

A face serum is a highly concentrated formula that contains active ingredients that work to penetrate your skin. There are many different types of face serums, formulated for a different skin purpose or working best with a specific skin type. Using a face serum, can offer many skin benefits, such as: hydrating, brightening, lightening, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, skin calming, moisturizing, improving skin tone or texture, protecting, restoring the natural skin barrier, and much more. We will cover different types of face serums.

Types of Serums

1. Oil-

An oil serum is anhydrous and contains only oils. It usually contains luxury plant oils and lipid plant esters.

Great for: Dry skin, aging skin, simple skin care with fewer ingredients.

How to use: Apply to moist skin as a moisturizer.

Formula: Pro Skin Course formulaBeautifying Oil Serum.

2. Gel-

A gel serum contains no emulsifier and no oil or a small input of oil. Gel serum is mostly water with high performance skin actives.

Great for: Oily skin, blemish prone skin, and sensitive skin.

How to use: Apply before cream or moisturizer. Best to apply to clean skin so actives are absorbed better.

Formula: New Pro Skin Course formula release! Learn to make, Hyaluronic Acid B5 Gel Serum.

3. Moisturizer-

A moisturizer serum is a light o/w emulsion. A low viscosity lotion/moisturizer containing high performance skin actives.

Great for: Normal, dry, dehydrated, combination, or mature skin.

How to use: You can use as a single product or apply before cream or moisturizer.

Formula: Newly revised Pro Skin Course formula, Barrier Restore Moisturizer Serum with Plant Ceramides. 

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