Edge Control

Edge Control

What is Edge Control?

Edge control is a hair care styling product. It’s basically a viscous gel providing firm hold. The main purpose of it is to control the delicate hair (some call baby hairs) at the hairline and keep it smooth and laid down and sculpt the hair. It also needs to provide long lasting hold with no curl back. It should be anti-humectant, not contain high amounts of humectants that can cause curl back, especially with humid weather and sweat. An excellent formulation will be non-greasy, non-flaky, non-sticky with no build up and with easy wash out.

Edge control is very popular for textured hair, curly, coils and kinky hair. It behaves differently on different hair types. There is not one product for all hair types. 4B and 4C hair types need a very strong hold. The extra strong hold may be too much for 3B hair type.

A lighter product can be used on straight hair to tame flyaway hair.

How to Use

  1. Start with a small amount of product on your fingertip or apply it to a small brush or toothbrush and apply it to the hairline.
  2. Style, add more as needed to smooth and sculpt the hair for long lasting finish.
  3. Set edges by wrapping a silky scarf to hold edges flat and in place. Allow to dry and carefully remove scarf.


Almost all edge controls contain PEG’s and ceteareth 20 or ceteareth 25. I wanted to formulate it without PEG’s and ceteareth 20 or 25 and use different ingredients. This was not an easy task. After over 20 tries, I came up with a good formulation

Edge Control Product Formulation

Do you want to make your own edge control formulation? We are excited to announce a brand new formulation!

The Spring Semester students and lifelong alumni for the Diploma Natural Hair Care Formulation Course can expect to find the Edge Control Formulation and Video compounding the formulation as new additions to the course. This formulation provides a strong lasting hold for your delicate hairline hairs without flakiness.

This edge control gel can be used for hair types from curls to coils.

You will learn how to customize this formulation with beneficial extracts for hair making the formulation unique to you.

Learn more how to formulate edge control in our Pro Natural Hair Care Formulation Course.

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