Essential Oils for Cleaning the Air

Essential oils are very efficient for cleaning the air. Essential oils are effective at cleaning and purifying the air in our home. One of the main purifiers of air are trees, essential oils from trees such as eucalyptus, fir, pine and spruce are superior at cleaning the air and assisting us to breathe easier. Citrus essential oils cleanse, freshen and send an uplifting aroma into the air. Here are some of my favorite essential oils for cleaning and purifying the air.

Essential Oils for Cleaning the Air

Grapefruit – Citrus paradisii

Eucalyptus – Eucalyptus radiata

Lemon – Citrus limon

Lime – Citrus aurantifolia

Balsam Fir – Abies balsamea

Peppermint – Mentha x piperita

Sea Pine – Pinus pinaster

Ravensara – Ravensara aromatic

Black Spruce – Picea mariana

Sweet Orange – Citrus auranthium

Tea Tree – Melaleuca alternifolia

Essential Oil Blends for Cleaning the Air 

Both of theses blends freshen, clean and purify the air. These blends can be added to a water/mist diffuser and/or a room spray.


Grapefruit 5 drops

Lemon 5 drops

Orange 5 drops

Lime 5 drops

Peppermint 1 drop (optional)


Lemon 10 drops

Eucalyptus radiata 5 drops

Ravensara 5 drops

Add 8 fluid ounces/240 mL distilled or purified water to diffuser* and add 8 drops of fresh citrus blend or breathe easy blend into the water. Turn diffuser on and diffuse for 15-30 minutes
*tap water can be used but distilled or purified water is best

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Room Spray– fill 8 ounce/240 mL bottle* with distilled or purified water and add 8 – 16 drops fresh citrus blend or breathe easy blend.
*tap water can be used but distilled or purified water is best
*best to use a glass bottle with atomizer


Mist diffusers are my favorite diffuser over the dry diffuser I talk about the dry diffuser being very loud and the strong release of essential oils. Mist diffusers have a base of water that essential oils are added to and then misted into the air for a subtle scent and cleansing mist omitted into the air.

Here are some diffusors that I like and have tested. They are quiet, have a water supply and will run from 6-8 hours and have different color lights.

Wooden look

Wooden look

White dome with colored lighting

White cylinder with colored lighting

Essential Oils

Essential oils are available at natural grocery stores and health stores, Whole Foods and other grocery stores. Generally the Aura Cacia and NOW brand is carried at the stores. Essential oils are also available online. Here are a few high quality essential oil suppliers:

Natures Gift

Original Swiss Aromatics


Plants are Air Purifiers

I have plants all over my house. They clean and purify the air. NASA did a study on the plants that clean the air and remove toxins from the air. Read about it here.


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