Graduate Spotlight: ALTI Organics

Hayley Herrero, Founder of ALTI Organics


“ALTI Organics is a potent plant based skincare line formulated to reveal your healthiest, glowing skin.”


Graduate Spotlight: Hayley Herrero

Brand: ALTI Organics

Hero Product: Age Defy Facial Oil

Training: Pro Natural Skin Care Course (Diploma, 2021)

Location: Colorado, USA


About ALTI Organics:

ALTI Organics is a potent plant based skincare line formulated to reveal your healthiest, glowing skin. All products, except the retinol, are safe to use while pregnant/breastfeeding and are cruelty-free.


What are you most proud of?

The difference my products are making in my customers skin while helping them to feel more confident in their skin! My products actually work and customers/clients are using my products over other clinical/medical grade skincare products. I’m also proud of how far I’ve come completely on my own.

What inspired you to make your own products?

As an oncology trained esthetician, I have always wanted to create my own skincare line to fix my endless struggle with acne. Becoming a single mom gave me the motivation to go for it to provide for my baby boy so I can give him the life he deserves and to go after my dream.


“Get your youthful glow and vitality back with our best selling Age Defy Oil! Rich and hydrating oils work together with plumping peptides to fade fine lines and wrinkles while firming mature skin. Plant extracts help to brighten sun damage and hyperpigmentation while boosting collagen and elastin, reviving tired, dull skin. See and feel the difference of natural, healthy potent plant ingredients.”


What advice would you give to other skin entrepreneurs?

Take the online course, and just go for it! The timing will never be perfect and you’ll never know the result until you try.

What equipment or ingredients did you first start out with?

Started with a stick blender and a scale.

How did your training at Joan Morais Cosmetics School help your business?

Helped me to better understand how certain ingredients work together and how to properly stabilize and preserve formulations.




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