Graduate Spotlight: Palm Hair Care

Palm Hair Care MOREAU Bétina

In every drop of our product, you will find nutrients your hair needs to grow stronger and healthier.


Graduate Spotlight: MOREAU Bétina

Brand: Palm Hair Care

Training: Pro Natural Skin Care Course (Diploma, 2021)

Location: Haïti

Hero Product: Hair Growth Oil

Brand Story

Palm Hair Care is a brand specializing in hair care products made with natural ingredients from our homeland such as Haitian black castor oil, avocado and much more. In every drop of our product, you will find nutrients your hair needs to grow stronger and healthier.

My Natural Hair Story

Since my childhood, I’ve always had beautiful hair but my hair was rebellious and I had difficulties. I neglected my hair over time so I decided to put some hair straightener to make my task easier. My hair started to deteriorate and came out everywhere. Then I’ve even lost the natural color of my hair.

I was tired of watching my hair deteriorate so I decided to educate myself on my hair. I learned what type of hair I have and what it really likes. I have given myself the mission to regain my natural hair and take care of it as a heritage. I challenged myself to do a lot of research on everything. I researched natural ingredients, such as Haitian black castor oil. After several trials, I’ve finalized the recipe that would bring the benefits that my hair needed. I needed to start this treatment so I cut my damaged hair. Now, taking care of my hair with this native handmade oil made with 100% natural ingredients, after two years I regained my natural hair. It is much more flexible, long, healthy, and much more voluminous than before. Plus I even regained my natural color.

This is where my natural hair’s story started. Everyone was amazed at how in a short period of two years my hair grew so quickly.

Hair Growth Oil
Palm Hair Care- Hair Growth Oil

The best natural oil option to combat dryness,
revitalize and nourish your curls and afros.

What Inspired You To Make Products?

I was asked constantly how did you fight the falling hair problems, how have you done it? What have you done to regain your natural hair in order to reach this length and volume?

A lot of people came to me for advice on how I could help them. So I came up with the idea of ​​selling my Hair Growth Oil. Then I can help people who are facing the same hair problems and those who want to take care of their natural or permed hair. I have to tell you, after this experience, I learned to love and take care of this heritage which reminds me so much of my roots!

What Equipment Did You Start With?

I started out with the filling machine.

What Are You Most Proud Of?

After this course, I’m proud of myself to be able to formulate natural hair care products that best suit my clients. The positive feedback they give me is very rewarding.

How Did Your Training At Joan Morais Cosmetics School Help You?

Well it has helped me in a lot of ways. When I first started I didn’t know how to properly label, price my product, etc.

What I love the most about the course is that all the formulations are cruelty free and made with natural products which is the priority of my brand.



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