Hair Butter


Hair butter adds nourishment, moisture, softness, conditioning, shine and sheen to hair. Hair butter can be applied to damp or dry hair, to the full head of hair or to the ends of hair, twists, curls, kinks and ponytails.

Hair butter is made with a high percentage of butters and oils. Hair butter can be oil based (anhydrous) or water based. Water based hair butters are technically a cream. Creams contain water and require an emulsification and effective preservative system.

There are so many beautiful and nourishing butters available today. I have formulated with many butters; avocado, aloe, cocoa, cupuacu, illipe, kokum, macadamia, mango, murumuru, sal, shea, and tucuma. Technically avocado, aloe and macadamia butter are not butters but infused oils into a butter or oil such as cocoa butter, shea butter or coconut oil. All of these butters can be used in hair butter formulations.

Each butter is so unique and the consistency, beneficial properties, color and scent depends on if it is refined or unrefined and they vary with each supplier. Some butters consistency are hard and others soft. I love formulating with butters because of all the benefits they have on hair and the creaminess and viscosity they add to formulations.

Butters are very rich and can be greasy. Formulating anhydrous hair butter without the greasiness is a task and not easy. I formulated two different anhydrous hair butter formulations for the Professional Natural Hair Course. The Replenishing Macadamia Hair Butter has a formula for fine hair and one for coarse, textured and curly hair. A feature ingredient is the extra moisturizing cupuacu butter. The scent is tropical and uplifting with notes of blood orange and ginger.

These are incredible butters, easily absorbed by the hair and skin and leave a vibrant sheen to the hair. These two butter formulations are perfect for African American hair, Caribbean hair, Asian hair and Caucasian hair.



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