Hair Rinse Treatment

hair rinse treament formulation

Hair Rinse Treatment

A hair rinse treatment helps to stimulate the scalp and improve blood circulation, and this enhances hair growth. A botanical hair rinse replenishes moisture, clarifies hair, softens hair, adds body to hair, soothes an irritated scalp, detangles hair and promotes shiny hair. A hair rinse can be a fresh rinse from herbs or fruits, or a concentrated booster added to water before use.

You can make your own simple hair tea and use it as a hair rinse. See below for a suggestion of herbs and how to use.

To add a hair rinse treatment to your haircare line, it needs to be stable and used at its best potency for results. There are three stable formulations in the Pro Natural Hair Care Course.

Botanical Hair Rinse Formulations in the Pro Natural Hair Course

Royal Crown Hair Rinse Treatment

Regal Essence

Rooted in the richness of flowers, Royal Crown Hair Rinse Treatment is an authentic tribute to the regal essence of nature. This treatment not only soothes the scalp with its potent petal power, but it also serves as a reminder of our inherent value – we are all radiant jewels. The unique sensory experience of this product allows us to tap into feelings of harmony, love, and beauty, enhancing our natural glow. It gently nurtures the scalp and hair, promoting a radiant shine.

In traditional Ayurvedic practices, the crown or Adhipati marma is recognized as a vital energy point, located near the center of the head. When stimulated through touch and massage, it aids in enhancing circulation, thereby promoting hair growth and radiance. But the benefits don’t stop there; it also serves as a soothing agent, helping to alleviate anxiety, improve sleep patterns, relieve stress, and energize. This energy point is known as the Crown Chakra, or the 7th Chakra, Sahasrara, named after the thousand-petaled lotus flower. The Crown Chakra is symbolically represented by the color purple.


Rice Water Hair Rinse Treatment

Strength and Moisture

Originating from the age-old wisdom of Asian cultures, the Rice Water Hair Rinse Treatment embodies the tradition of using rice water for achieving lustrous, silky hair. The process involves rinsing rice in water, which then turns milky, brimming with vital nutrients from the rice. This nutrient-dense water is then used as a hair rinse, known for its properties to repair, smoothen, and fortify hair.

Our Rice Water Hair Rinse Treatment is a carefully crafted formulation that combines potent dry ingredients. When activated with water, these ingredients are at their peak freshness and potency, working to repair, strengthen, and hydrate both hair and scalp. This treatment is not just a product, but an experience of pure delight, leaving your hair feeling soft, shiny, and incredibly smooth.


Botanical ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) Concentrate Hair Rinse Treatment

Restore Balance

This hair rinse formulation works to harmonize your scalp and hair. This is not your average haircare product but a potent blend that reinstates balance and vitality. Infused with organic apple cider vinegar and traditional hair-friendly botanicals, it is known to clarify, comfort, revitalize, and harmonize your scalp and hair while supporting hair growth.

Our Botanical ACV Concentrate, when mixed with water, helps stimulate circulation to stimulate hair growth and reveal your hair’s intrinsic luster. This is authentic hair care, thoughtfully designed for your unique hair needs.

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Simple DIY Hair Tea Rinse

herbs for hair care

Make your own hair tea rinse. These are excellent in providing shine and brightening the hair. Pick a tea that works with your hair.

Blonde Hair

Chamomile- brightens blonde hair, anti-inflammatory

Calendula- will gradually lighten hair, antibacterial, soothing, adds shine

Brunette Hair

Black tea-  adds shine, darkens hair, reduces shedding

Rosemary- stimulates scalp, promotes growth, adds richness to dark colors, adds shine,  softens

Red Hair

Rooibos-  brightens red hair, adds shine

Any Hair Color

Nettles- stimulates scalp, treats dandruff, fights hair loss, adds shine

Horsetail- adds strength to hair


  1. Place 2 tea bags (you can also use 2 tablespoons loose herbs) in 2 cups of boiling water.
  2. Steep herbs in boiling water until water has cooled to room temperature.

How to Use

Wash your hair and then apply your hair tea rinse from your roots to ends. Allow rinse to sit on scalp and hair for a few minutes. Rinse your hair and condition your hair as desired.


Wash your hair and then apply your hair tea rinse from your roots to ends. Don’t rinse your hair and condition your hair as desired.

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