How Much Essential Oil in Skin Care Products?

How much to essential oil in skin care products varies with the essential oil and the intensity of scent. Usually less is more. Essential oils with a strong scent like jasmine absolute, chamomile, rose, carrot seed, etc, 1 drop in one ounce may be plenty. Start with adding one drop of essential oil at a time. You can always add more but you can’t take it out. The scent of essential oils takes time to evolve and blend with the other ingredients. The scent will change and settle in about 1-2 weeks.

The suggested usage amounts of essential oils below are for external use in skin care products and for adults. For sensitive skin, children and the elderyly cut the amounts in half or less than half.

Face products the general usage is 1/2%- 1%.
Body products the general usage is 2%.

The percentage is figured by drops:

In 1 ounce of product use
1/2% = 4 drops
1% = 9 drops
2% =13 drops

In 2 ounces of product use
1/2% = 9 drops
1% = 18 drops
2% = 27 drops

In 3 ounces of product use
1/2% = 13 drops
1% = 27 drops
2% = 54 drops

In 4 ounces/120 ml of product use
1/2% = 16 drops
1% = 36 drops
2% = 72 drops

For more information on essential oils for skincare and essential oil blends check out the e-book/manual Aromatherapy: Essential Oils for Skin Care by Joan Morais.

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