Hygge Beauty Rituals: Massage with Softening Hand and Foot Salve

Hygge Beauty Rituals Part 3. The hygge beauty rituals; Part 1 herbal facial steam, Part 2 aromatherapy foot bath and Part 3 massage with softening hand and foot salve. One hygge beauty ritual that feels so good and is so simple and highly beneficial to the skin and body are self-hand and foot massages. It only takes a few minutes to do a self massage and lovingly touch our our hands and feet. The massage sends a message to the nerves and muscles that the body matters and the nerves and muscles can relax and revive. Our nerves are constantly attacked with all that we see and hear on the news, social media and the stresses in our daily lives. We have loss of sleep, are overly tired, feel achy and always on alert. Our nervous system sends signals to our entire body; especially the brain and the spine. When we take time to massage our hands and feet it sends a message to the nerves to relax and creates a feeling of wellness.


This hand and foot salve recipe works wonders during the cold, dry and windy months. It glides on without leaving an oily feel and look. It is perfect for a hand and foot massage. Hands need extra care because they are exposed to the harsh elements at all times; dishwashing, cleaning, snow, cold, dry air and wind. Hands quickly show sun spots, wrinkling and dryness and to prevent these it helps to care for the hands. One way is to apply a salve that locks in the moisture and protects the hands. This salve also is excellent for massaging the feet. Foot reflexology affects the body.

Foot Reflexology Massage

Reflexology is used for headaches, backaches, menstrual complaints, fatigue, to improve circulation, remove toxins from the body and restore balance to the body. Reflexology is a therapeutic form of foot massage. Both ancient Chinese and Egyptians used the healing effects of foot reflexology on the entire body. Reflexologists believe that certain areas on the feet reflect the body’s internal organs and systems which can be stimulated by applying pressure to those specific points, called reflex zones. If an organ, tissue or gland is off balance, then the external point on the foot will be sensitive to pressure. By applying pressure to the reflex zones, a natural healing process can begin by increasing the circulation of blood and nerve supply in the body.

Softening Hand snd Foot Salve 

Fills 4 ounce container

4 fluid ounces (1/2 cup) plant oil (avocado, sunflower, olive, coconut, almond, apricot)
1 tablespoon of candelilla wax  (tiny spheres-you may need more if the wax is larger spheres)
½ teaspoon essential oil (I used: 8 drops lavender, 6 drops rose geranium, 4 drops palmarosa)


1. Place plant oil  and candelilla wax into a very small pot, stainless steel measuring cup or double boiler* on low heat.

2. Be careful not to overheat the oil, it will destroy the beneficial properties of the oil. Remove the pot from heat as soon as the candelilla wax is melted and the mixture is clear with no unmelted candelilla wax.

3. Do a spoon test: stick a spoon in the mixture and allow the salve to harden on the spoon to test the consistency. If it is too firm, add more plant oil, if it is too soft, add more candelilla wax. Reheat as necessary.

4. Cool the salve a bit but before it firms up and add essential oil and stir well.

5. Pour immediately into the container and allow to firm.

*A double boiler system should be used when heating wax or plant oils and butters. This system creates a gentle heat and warms the oils, butter or wax without burning them. It is a two-pot system. The bottom pot holds a small amount of water and this warms the ingredients in the top pot. This is a double boiler pot system; the bottom pot holds a small amount of water and the top pot holds the ingredients.  To make your own system, use a larger pot to hold the water and a smaller pot to set inside the larger pot. The water in the bottom pot should barely touch the top pot. A trivet can be placed inside the larger pot and the smaller pot placed on it.

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