Miron Violet Glass

Miron Violet Glass

What is Miron Violet Glass?

Miron Violet Glass containers are found to be one of the best glass containers for many reasons. Miron Violet Glass does not allow for light to pass through the product, protecting it from damage. This keeps the product fresher, for longer.

Many are seeking glass containers since it is a better eco-friendly option to package cosmetics. The issue with other glass containers (blue, green, & brown) is that visible light can penetrate though the glass. This allows damage to ingredients, aroma, and overall breakdown of the product.

I prefer to use Miron Violet Glass for my skin and hair care formulations since it protects the integrity and properties of the plant botanicals.

History of Violet Glass

The history of violet containers dates back to the Ancient Egyptians. They were known to hold healing products and essences in violet and gold glass containers. Viable seeds are still found today in tombs, protected in these incredible violet glass containers.

Alchemists in the middle ages….

Miron Vitality Glass was developed by the Swiss scientist Yves Kraushaar following more than 14 years of research. The secret of this special glass is based on the fact that the molecular structure of any substance is permanently activated and energized by “violet life radiation.” This also explains the violet glass’s high natural preservation capacity.

When to use

Many high quality products and companies use these containers for quality protection and to extend storage time. Some ingredients that do well in these containers are:

  • Essential Oils and Aromas
  • Flower Essences
  • Plant-oils that can break-down easily such as flax
  • Botanical ingredients

Eco-Friendly & Sustainable

Miron Violet Glass containers are 100% recyclable.

We’ve used Miron Violet Glass containers over 10 years in the Professional Natural Skin Formulation Course.



Miron Violet Glass

Yves Kraushaar Patent

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