Presenter at AIA International Aromatherapy Conference and Wellness Expo

AIA International Aromatherapy Conference and Wellness Expo

Expanding Aromatherapy

I am a presenter at the AIA 2013 conference! As a presenter at AIA on aromatherapy, I am thrilled as one of the greatest joys is aromatherapy. I use essential oils everyday for skin care, hair care and wellness care. Essential oils have made a profound difference in my life. In my opinion, essential oils should be in all skin care products. They are extremely beneficial to the skin. I will be presenting “Create Your Own Skin Care Line” using all-natural ingredients including essential oils, herbs and hydrosols. This lecture will be packed with helpful tips and secrets I will share as a natural cosmetic formulator.

I am honored to be in such great company with incredible aromatherapy industry experts. This conference is one you should attend to learn the latest happenings with essential oils and aromatherapy. Make sure and come say hi to me.

Some of the speakers:

Robert Tisserand

Gabriel Mojay

Rhiannon Lewis (formerly Rhiannon Harris)

Mindy Green

Valerie Cooksley

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