The Purpose of Hair Conditioner

The purpose of hair conditioner is to make hair more manageable, easier to detangle and comb through wet hair. It also provides substantivity, coats the hair and improves the condition of the surface of hair. Hair conditioner seals in moisture, protects the hair and creates shinier and smoother hair.

Conditioners can be formulated as rinse-off or leave-in conditioners.

In the Professional Natural Hair Care Product Making Course, there are three hair conditioner formulas. The Moisturizing Conditioner is one of my favorites. I love how soft and smooth my hair feels using it. I use it almost daily. It includes the hair loving oils of coconut oil and macadamia oil. The Blue Lotus Blossom Conditioner has natural plant keratin and plant silicone in it. It is a more nourishing conditioner and helps to condition and repair damaged hair leaving it soft and silky. I formulated the Brazilian Botanical Leave-In Conditioner with a unique system to not leave product build-up on the hair. This formulation can also be a hair milk.

Moisturizing Conditioner
Moisturizing Conditioner
Blue Lotus Blossom Conditioner
The Purpose of Hair Conditioner
Brazilian Botanical Leave-In Conditioner
Professional Natural Hair Care Product Making Course Conditioners

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