Skin Penetration Enhancers

Skin Penetration Enhancer


Skin Penetration Enhancers

What is a skin penetration enhancer?

Penetration enhancers (PEs) have been studied intensely and used for decades in the cosmetic industry. For instance, they are used to deliver active ingredients into the skin. PEs are excellent ingredients to certainly use in formulations. 

The cosmetic formulator understands the challenge for cosmetics to penetrate the skin. When using PEs, penetration of the skin can therefore be enhanced. The cosmetic formulator is aware of the limits of a cosmetic. In addition, the formulator does not make unsubstantiated claims about the deeper layers of skin. A result of making these claims can be considered an OTC, over the counter drug.

Penetration Enhancers include:

  • Liposomes
  • Phospholipids
  • Non-ionic emulsifiers
  • Glycols
  • Glycerin
  • Ethanol

For example, one of the most promising delivery ingredients are colloidal carriers, colloidal particles. In addition, liposomes, phospholipids, and non-ionic surfactants (emulsifiers) are used to increase skin penetration and bioavailability of entrapped active ingredients with more efficacy and faster results.

Make Your Own PE

Are you looking to make your own skin penetration enhancer? Now you can! With our training class, you can make a liposome to add to your skin or hair care formulations. This PE will result in the delivery of active ingredients into the skin or scalp. We teach this in a formulation class! This all-natural skin penetration enhancer uses gentle plant ingredients. The PE will increase hydration and softness of the skin with no skin irritation. Plus, the enhanced delivery of the skin actives and their skin function.

Skin Penetration Enhancer Class
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Skin Penetration Enhancer Class

  • Discover the function of penetration enhancers
  • Learn how to make your own penetration enhancer with an all-natural penetration enhancer formulation developed by Joan Morais
  • Discover how to incorporate active ingredients
  • Learn how to improve the delivery of actives into the skin and scalp by using in formulations


Learn to make your own Liposome is a premium class, Skin Penetration Enhancer Online Class.

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