Stop Cosmetic Testing on Animals

Cosmetic testing on animals needs to stop. There is absolutely no need to put thousands of animals through such cruel and inhumane testing and then to discard of these animals. These animals deserve to live a life not of such cruelty. Common testing is done on beagle dogs, cats and rabbits.

  1. Don’t make hazardous cosmetic products that require the cruel animal testing.
  2. Test cosmetics on humans and human skin. The testing results are more accurate.
  3. Formulators can test the ingredient and product on themself first.

When I want to use a new ingredient to formulate with I try the ingredient on myself first. An example of this is organic argan oil I purchased a few months ago. First, I tried argan oil directly on my skin. I note how long it sets on the skin, the consistency, feel and smell of the oil. Did I have any reactions to the oil? I apply the oil to my face and sensitive areas like the inside of my elbow.

Next, I made a cream with argan oil and I did the same testing process with the cream as I did with plain argan oil. If I don’t have any reaction to the ingredient or the product with the ingredient, I send it to the lab and my testing group of individuals for their feedback.

Form a testing group with individuals willing to try your products and give you feedback. Include the product instructions on how to use the product and a survey to fill out with their results and feedback. Also include a self addressed envelope to return the survey or send the survey online and have it emailed back to you.

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