Formulating Refresher Spray

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Refresher Spray

A hair refresher spray hydrates, moisturizes, reshapes, and revives the hair and can be used on all hair types. This is an excellent revitalizer for hair. It can be used daily without build-up on the hair.

A refresher spray is an excellent product to offer in your haircare line for straight hair, waves, curls, coils, and locs. It refreshes tousled hair after sleeping, reshapes natural waves and curls, hydrates locs. The spray helps with easy combing, smoothing and adding natural shine to hair. It can also freshen the scalp.

Hair Types
Suitable for wavy, curly, coily, kinky, and locs

Hair Concerns
Tousled Hair
Dull Hair
Lack of Wave or Curl Definition

Formulating Refresher Spray

Formulating a refresher spray you want to include key ingredients for hair. Hydrosols add a beautiful scent and are soothing to the scalp and add hydration and shine to hair. Plant keratin, amino acids, and hydrolyzed proteins help to repair and smooth the hair. Use at a lower rate for porous and fine straight hair to prevent build-up on the hair. Use a solubilizer if using plant oils and/or essential oils and fragrance oils. Use 0.1-1% total lipids (oils). A solubilizer is a surfactant and can produce bubbles in the formulation and dry the hair. Use a minimal amount of solubilizer. For hydration, humectants are key. Try aloe vera, glycerin, propanediol, sodium PCA, or sorbitol.

The container should be a bottle with a spray pump with a wider tube and sprays evenly. A trigger spray is ideal.

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