Formulating Hair Growth Serum

Hair Growth Serum
Formulating hair growth serum with actives.

Hair Growth Serum

When formulating hair growth serum with actives, there are important formulating tips for you to follow.  There are green hair growth actives with clinical studies showing effective results with increasing hair density and hair growth. These hair growth actives are expensive. And in order for them to be effective they must be formulated with a delivery system to ensure delivery into the skin and to the hair root. Additionally, the correct percentage of the hair active must be used. 

Formulating Tips

Delivery System

The first tip is the delivery system. The delivery system is extremely important to use in your hair growth serum formula. What is the point of using an expensive active if it isn’t stable in the formulation and doesn’t penetrate the skin? Actives need to be in a stable system to maintain the efficacy and perform their function. You need a delivery system in your formulation to keep them stable and deliver them into the skin. We talk about penetration enhancers in this post, read here. Penetration enhancers deliver the active for effective results. 

Use the Correct Amount

The second tip is to use the same percentage of the hair growth active used in the clinical studies. If a lower percentage is used, there is no evidence that it will show results. All too often this is overlooked and a product may have only 0.5% in the formulation when 5% is needed to show results.

Learn How

Do you want to take a formulation class to learn how to make a professional hair growth serum? Now you can learn my newest formula by taking this specialty class, Hair Growth Serum.

Hair Growth Serum Class
Learn to make hair growth serum with actives.

Key Benefits

  • Improves Hair Density
  • Visibly Thicker, Fuller Hair
  • Assists to Normalize Ratio of Hair Growth Phases
  • Stronger Hair
  • More Volume
  • Non-Greasy
  • Shiny, Glossy Hair

In this specialty class and the formula I developed for the Hair Growth Serum, I used a hair active with clinical results. The study shows the women participants hair density increased by 16% and the men’s hair density increased by 9.5% resulting in fuller looking hair. The study also shows normalizing hair phases. This is important because a healthy percentage of these phases is to have 80% Anagen Phase to 20% Telogen Phase. When this cycle reduces, it affects the amount of time the hair is in the growing cycle.

In our Hair Growth Cycle blog we go into more detail about the four different phases and show a graphic of these phases. 

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