Hair Growth Cycle

Hair Growth Cycle
Hair Growth Cycle

Hair growth and hair shedding is a natural process and cycle. How much the hair grows and how much hair loss there is, depends on many factors, including, genes, disease, medicines, hormones, allergies, hair care products, grooming, styling, coloring hair, perming and straightening hair and foods and drinks we consume.

Hair is not constantly growing.

The hair growth cycle has a resting phase. We will notice our hair growing in length and then all of a sudden it stops. That’s due to the cycle of hair.

Hair Growth Cycle

Anagen Phase – Growing Phase
Anagen phase is the growing phase, the hair (follicle) starts to grow from the bulb. This phase lasts for approximately 1000 days and can vary from one to ten years. The growing phase shortens with age.

Catagen Phase – Transition Phase
Catagen phase is the transitioning phase, the hair (follicle) detaches from the bulb. This phase lasts for approximately 14 days and can vary from four weeks to four months.

Telogen Phase – Resting Phase
Telogen phase is the resting phase, the hair (follicle) is dormant. This phase lasts for approximately 100 days and up to four months.

Telogen Exogen Phase – Shedding Phase
Telogen Exogen phase is the last phase in the hair growth cycle, this is a natural shedding phase. The hair shaft (hair strand) detaches and sheds from the scalp. Daily 50 – 100 hair strands will fall out.

Early Anagen Phase – New Growing Phase
Early Anagen phase, the cycle continues all over again.

Learn More On the Intelligence of Hair; Hair Anatomy, Hair Shape

As you can see this natural cycle for hair growth is an intelligent system along with the anatomy of hair, read about it here and the shape of hair, learn more here.

Hair and formulating and making hair care products is fascinating and a life long study. The science and art of hair care formulation is fulfilling and rewarding.

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