Small Batch Products

Create custom small batch products!

What Are Small Batch Products

Small batch products are produced in a smaller portion by cosmetic formulators and makers. The result is a much more fresh and high quality skin, hair, or body care product. These smaller batches can be made in a small cosmetic lab by the formulator. Because the batch size is smaller, the raw materials can be purchased in small minimum quantities. This makes it affordable for the modern formulator and small batch maker compared to paying thousands of dollars for a drum of one ingredient. Additionally, these products or formulations can be made custom for clients or customers. Some spas, estheticians, salons, or hair stylists are creating small batch products to set themselves apart from others.

Small Batch Production

Small batch products can also be called small scale manufacturing. How do you go about to produce this? You can do small scale manufacturing in a small cosmetic lab. Many small and start up hair or skin care brands use small scale manufacturing. Some formulators also use small scale manufacturing to make white label products for others. White label is when you sell a bottled product (formulation) to a person or company who puts their label on the product to sell.

Setting up a Small Lab

To set up a small cosmetic lab. Each formulator’s small lab will be different depending on if the lab is for formulating and/or manufacturing.  And the space available for the lab, the budget for equipment and the types of formulations and the batch sizes. We cover all of this in how to set up a small cosmetic lab in our Diploma Pro Formulation Courses. Plus, we also give many levels and options of materials and tested equipment.

Custom Products

Now that your lab is set up, next,  you can create custom products. You can start by making a base product for your backbar if you are an Esthetician or Hair Stylist. You can then customize this base product with actives, peptides, or high performance ingredients based on each client’s skin or hair type and needs. You can also make and bottle custom formulations to sell at the spa or salon.

Skin Spa Products

  • Radiant Skin Body Scrub- learn this emulsified scrub formulation for your spa!
  • Moisturizer base- customize with peptides
  • Serum base- customize with skin firming, skin hydrating, skin lightening actives

Hair Salon Products 

Customize shampoo and conditioner bases with additives per hair type and hair needs for each client. You can use these products on your client’s hair in the salon and also sell them a fresh bottle to take home. Learn more in our post, Custom Hair Care.

  • Shampoo base
  • Conditioner base
  • Hair Mask

Learn now to make professional hair care products here.


  • Cost efficient: The cost of raw materials, containers, labels and labor is less.
  • Fresher product: Freshly made formulations mean a better product with better results.
  • Create more revenue: Sell your small batch products to your clients!
  • Make your business stand out: Offer the highest quality, small batch, and fresh skin, hair or body products to your clients. You will provide an exceptional service and product to your clients and keep them coming back for more.


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