Formulating Waterless Cosmetics

Waterless Products

About Waterless Cosmetics

A new formulating trend in cosmetics is waterless, water-free or low water cosmetics. Did you know that water is normally the first ingredient in hair, skin, and cosmetic products? The average bottle of shampoo also contains 80 percent water. This is a lot of water being used and shipped around the world. Now with sustainability as a priority, many companies are looking for innovative products and packing. This resulted in waterless cosmetics. By eliminating water, you are also saving on containers and packaging waste. The reduced packaging also means less fuel or pollution used to ship these products.

Customer Interest

A survey by Cosmetics Business found that 57% of responders purchased a waterless product. Most found they would purchase again. Over 90% said they would like to see more innovation and 85% agreed that the waterless sector will become more mainstream in beauty. More and more, we are finding sustainable beauty or cosmetics are here to stay.

Formulating Waterless Cosmetics

Solid Bars

Product Ideas:

  1. Shampoo Bar
  2. Conditioner Bars
  3. Facial Cleansing Pods
  4. Body Bar
  5. Lotion Bar

Balms or Oils 

Product Ideas:

  1. Tinted Lip Oil
  2. Whipped Lip Butter
  3. Organic Beauty Balm
  4. Organic Body Oil
  5. Beautifying Oil Serum 
  6. Hair Growth Drops
  7. CBD Beauty Balm


Product Ideas:

  1. Silk Body Powder
  2. Body Powder Deodorant 
  3. Shampoo Powder

Sprinkle some powder shampoo on your wet hands and the results are liquid shampoo!

Benefits of Waterless

  • Conserve water! Help preserve valuable resources
  • Cost effective: cheaper to ship, less packaging and cheaper to test
  • Attractive to customers due to sustainability
  • Less or no preservative (anhydrous or no water!)

Sustainable and Green Cosmetics are here to stay.

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