Hair Mask – Nourishment & Deep Conditioning


Hair mask adds nourishment and deep conditioning to the hair. It helps to repair damaged hair, add manageability and promote smooth and shiny hair. Hair masks can be made using fresh ingredients, dried ingredients or like a conditioning cream.

Fresh Hair Mask
Fruits, veggies and fat rich ingredients are great to strengthen and condition the hair. Here are just a few excellent fresh ingredients to use as a mask on the hair.

  • Avocados
  • Bananas
  • Coconut Yogurt
  • Coconut Milk
  • Veggie Mayonnaise

In the Professional Natural Hair Care Product Making Course, there are three hair mask formulas. The Coconut Milk & Banana Hair Mask is made with dry ingredients. This is a great mask that is customized by adding floral waters, herbal teas, plant milks or coconut yogurt. The Luminous Shine & Moisturizing Hair Mask is a clarifying mask to remove product build up and allow the natural shine and sheen of hair to come through. It also adds moisture back into the hair. The Papaya & Coconut Milk Hair Mask is a deep conditioning treatment. This hair mask penetrates the hair shaft adding much need moisture and conditioning to the hair. After the mask the hair is smooth, soft and shiny.

Coconut Milk & Banana Hair Mask
Papaya & Coconut Milk Hair Mask
Coconut Milk & Banana Hair Mask, Papaya & Coconut Milk Hair Mask

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