Hair Oil and Beard Oil


Hair Oil promotes a nurtured and balanced scalp and shiny, soft and smooth hair. Hair oil can be activated by heat and left on the hair, added to damp hair, to the ends of hair or massaged onto the scalp before shampooing.

Plant oils are truly one of nature’s gift for radiant hair and a handsome beard.

The trick to formulating a hair and beard oil is to create a moisturizing oil but not too greasy. This is done by using a combination of dry plant oils (oils that don’t sit on the skin long and are absorbed quickly) with other plant oils.

People swear by hair oils to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth. Doing a scalp massage with hair oil is the secret.

The hair oils I formulated for the Professional Natural Hair Care Course, Miracle Moringa Scalp & Regenerating Oil, Amazon Rainforest Lily Hair Oil and Black Castor Oil Scalp Soother are truly exquisite and effective. Here are some of the feature ingredients in these hair oils.

Moringa is native to Africa and Asia. It is known as the “miracle tree”. The entire tree has been used to treat many ailments; the oil comes from the seeds harvested from the pods. Moringa oil is rejuvenating. It regenerates the scalp and moisturizes the hair.

Amazon Rainforest Lily is revered as a royalty plant and fit for a queen. This beautiful water lily flower nourishes, conditions and moisturizes the hair and soothes the scalp from its oils, tannins, glucose and starch.

Black castor oil is incredible for the hair. I previously wrote about Black Castor Oil. You can read about it here.



Beards are popular now. Beard whiskers benefit from plant oils. Beard oil moisturizes the skin under the beard, softens and maintains the beard and promotes beard growth.

How To Use Beard Oil:

On a clean, damp beard, apply a small amount of oil with a few drops of beard oil into the hand. Rub the hands together with the oil and rub the oil onto the skin under the beard and onto the beard from the root to the ends. Comb through the beard with hands or a beard brush.

The beard oil in the Pro Natural Hair Care Course is a nice one with the scent of Bay and Bergamot. The beard oil is formulated with one of my favorite plant oils, baobab. Baobab comes from seeds of the fruit from the baobab tree in Africa. The baobab tree is known as “The Tree of Life” and lives 500 + years. Baobab oil moisturizes quickly into the skin and moisturizes and softens the hair/whiskers.

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