Lip Care

Lip Care

Lip Skin

The skin on the lips differs from skin on other locations on the body. Lip skin is smoother, softer, more pliable, and pinker/red in color. There are fewer layers than other areas of our skin. Lips have a weak skin barrier. The upper layer of skin, the stratum corneum, is very thin. The stratum corneum is the layer that is tougher, more protective against UV rays, sunlight, environmental stresses and drying of the skin. Lip skin doesn’t have sebaceous glands that give hydration and protection against oxidative stress.

Lip skin does not have water-holding capacity like other areas of skin. It has the lowest water content and the highest TEWL (transepidermal water loss) in comparison to other areas of skin.

Lip Care

Lip care is very important. Lip skin is often neglected as part of a regimen for skin care.

Skin on the face and body often have moisturizers and lotions applied and are protected with sunscreen but rarely the lips are protected. Due to the thin lip skin layers with poor skin barrier protection the moisture capacity is less, and moisture is easily lost on the lips. Lip skin dries, chaps, peels, discolors, and the lips become dull. Hydrating, conditioning, and protecting the lip skin is key to healthy lips.

Topical Lip Care Treatments, Lip Products

Lips need sun protection, wind protection, and protection from extreme temperatures. Lip treatments can reduce lip cracking, scaling, and roughness due to dryness and improve lip skin condition.

Lip products can be lip care treatments. They can contain hydrating, conditioning, protective ingredients. It depends on the ingredients in the formulation.

Ingredients in Lip Products

The ingredients in lip products matter. It is a known fact that a portion of a lip product applied to the lips is ingested. Take a bite out of a piece of bread or an apple, the lip product can be seen on it and is then ingested. Ingredients in lip products may also interact with exposure to the sun. Plant ingredients can be emollient, have some natural sun protection, and condition the lips. 

Create a Lip Care Line

Create lip care products from these formulations in our Pro Natural Skin Course:  lip gloss, lip balm, whipped lip butter, exfoliating lip butter, and organic lip plump.

Take the Tinted Lip Oil Online Class

A tinted lip oil can be a lip care treatment made from protective plant waxes, vitamin E and conditioning plant oils. This tinted lip oil is vegan, plant based and can also be an organic tinted lip oil. They can also contain hyaluronic acid, natural lip plumping phospholipids, beneficial plant extracts, essential fatty acids, and vitamins. Learn more in this detailed LAB Class with three tinted lip oil formulations that are good for the lips.

Organic Lip Oil Formulation Class

Learn to Make Three Sheer Colors:

Apricot – A soft light orange with mild notes of apricot. Immediately softens, hydrates, conditions and soothes the lips.  

Watermelon –  A deep pink with mild notes of watermelon. Immediately softens, hydrates, conditions and soothes the lips.   

Purple Guava  –  A purplish red with mild notes of guava. Immediately softens, hydrates, conditions and soothes the lips.    

Click here to take this class!

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