Make Infused Vanilla Bean Oil

Make your own infused vanilla bean oil. I infuse vanilla beans into jojoba oil and use this infused oil as part of the oil in my lotions, creams, hair conditioners, body butters, body oils and natural perfume. Vanilla adds a comforting, warm and beautiful scent. It blends well with other scents and helps to “fix’ your scent-it holds the scent longer.

You will need:

16 ounce canning jar (1 pint) or bottle
2 Vanilla Beans

16 ounces Jojoba Oil

1. Pour 16 ounces jojoba oil into a clean glass jar or bottle.
2. Split the beans open by cutting down the middle of the bean, then cut into small pieces and add to jojoba oil. Close lid tightly.
3. Lightly shake jar every now and then. Store in a cool place for 4-6 weeks.
4. Strain the oil through muslin or an unbleached coffee filter placed in a funnel. The shelf life is at least 2 years.
Go to our YouTube Channel and Watch this video on a Quick 2-Day Method to Infuse Oils

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  • Mmm, this sounds so soothing and wonderful, I may have to give it a whirl this weekend. Wishing I had some thing made up for a nice long soak right about now. Any eo suggestions that I could quickly add to my bath tonight to relax and unwind?

    xo Mary Jo

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