Moisturizing vs Hydrating Moisturizer

moisturizing or hydrating what is the difference? Joan Morais Cosmetics School moisturizers
Moisturizing versus Hydrating

What is a Moisturizer?

A moisturizer is used to prevent dryness in the skin. Moisturizers is a general category for creams, lotions, body butters, and moisturizers. Generally, a product called a moisturizer is typically considered for the face. A cream is for the face and or body. A lotion is usually for the body. A body butter can be a cream with butters in it or anhydrous with only lipids, oils, and butters.

Moisturizing vs Hydrating


Lock in Water-

Moisturizing the skin is locking the water in the skin with lipids, plant oils, and emollient esters. This helps to hold water, moisture in the skin.

Prevent Dry Skin and Protect the Skin Barrier-

A moisturizer delays water loss by using lipids and humectants that attract water on the skins surface. Moisturizers don’t moisturize the skin, instead they prevent TEWL, water evaporating from the skin, and they retain water in the skin. If the environment has a lower humidity than the body, water leaves the skin and evaporates into the environment and may cause dry skin. If the skin barrier is disrupted, water leaves the skin and may contribute to dry skin.


Absorb Moisture-

Hydrating the skin is absorbing moisture from the air to the skin with humectants like glycols (plant pentylene glycol, plant butylene glycol, plant propylene glycol, and propanediol), glycerin, aloe vera, sodium PCA, sorbitol, urea, lactic acid, and hyaluronic acid.

Formulating Moisturizers

We teach how to make many types of moisturizers in Module 9 of our Pro Natural Skin Care Formulation Course.



  • Beginning Moisturizer System 1A and 1B-  Excellent for beginners!
  • Moisturizing System Build #1 , #2, and #3- Build your own custom formula
  • Regenerating Firm Skin Moisturizer with MSM and DMAE- Great for Aging skin!
  • Instant Firm. Moisturizer- instantly revitalizes skin!
  • Daily Moisturizer- lightweight with plant retinol
  • Cream System #1 Build, #2 Build, #3 Build- Make your own custom cream!
  • Deep Hydration Body Cream
  • Peptide Cream- plant peptides for plump skin
  • Plant Stem Cells Cream
  • Lotion System #1, system #2, system #3- Make custom lotion
  • Plant Collagen Body Lotion- highly hydrating
  • Sensitive Body Lotion
  • Ulta-Rich Moisturizing Body Lotion
  • Anhydrous System #4 Build
  • Body Butter- Anhydrous
  • Brightening and Tightening Powder Booster**New Release**
sensitive skin body lotion formulation
Sensitive Body Lotion Formulation
Booster Powder for skin care instant radiance
Booster Powder Formulation

In addition, you will learn how to make your own moisturizer, lotion, and cream by building your own formula. Lessons include how to select skin additives and actives. Enroll in our Diploma Pro Natural Skin Care Course to learn. 



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